Electrolyte Drink Comparison: ClearFast vs Pedialyte 

Whether you’re preparing for a major athletic event, getting ready for surgery, combating illness, or, yes, fighting a hangover—there are a number of reasons to turn to an electrolyte drink to help prevent dehydration. At the top of the list of popular electrolyte drinks? ClearFast PreOp and Pedialyte. Today, then, we’re breaking down the differences between these two major players in the electrolyte drink game. Read on to learn more about the role an electrolyte drink can play in your health and the formulation differences between two of the most popular options on the market. 

When is an electrolyte drink needed?

If you read the ClearFast blog or follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably heard us drive home the point that there are times when water just won’t cut it. As much as we love a great glass of h2o, certain life events and stressors call for more than just water when it’s time to rehydrate. A few examples? Illness, exercise, heat, travel, and surgery. (You can learn more about times your body needs a clean recovery drink here). 

An electrolyte drink like ClearFast will help ensure your body gets the clean, medical-grade nutrition and hydration it requires to replenish itself—whether it be after a marathon or during a bout of illness. After all, you don’t just lose water when you sweat—you also lose electrolytes. So, athletes who train regularly, those who workout in heated fitness classes (like hot yoga, hot barre, hot bootcamp, etc.) regularly, and even those who live in humid clients are all susceptible to electrolyte depletion and, therefore, are at a greater need for an electrolyte drink like ClearFast PreOp or Pedialyte. 

ClearFast vs Pedialyte:

While both options are effective for those looking to prevent dehydration with an electrolyte drink, the biggest difference between ClearFast PreOp and Pedialyte lies in the formulation. Some of the major formulation differences are broken down below: 

  • Pedialyte Formulation: While Pedialyte includes the electrolytes zinc, potassium, and chloride, at its core, this popular electrolyte drink is mainly a mixture of water and simple sugar (dextrose). 

  • ClearFast Formulation: ClearFast Presurgery, on the other hand, is free from simple sugars like dextrose. Instead, ClearFast is rich in complex carbs and is sweetened only with a natural sweetener (Stevia). 

  • Healing Minerals: While both ClearFast and Pedialyte contain zinc—a powerful healing mineral that boosts the immune system and supports enzyme function—only the ClearFast presurgery drink contains L-Citrulline. An amino acid widely used to reduce fatigue and improve endurance in athletic performances, L-citrulline improves circulation by increasing nitric oxide levels, boosts the immune system, aids in muscle recovery, increases protein synthesis, and boosts nitric oxide and growth hormone levels. 


Want to know more about why ClearFast is the premier choice for everything from electrolyte replenishment to clean presurgery nutrition? Read all about ClearFast and the science behind its ingredients here—or reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all. We’re always here and happy to help.