We are Proud to Announce ClearFast Labs!

  • What is it? It’s our new production and R&D facility!
  • What happens there?  This is where we will develop new nutritional drinks for patients in every stage of the surgical/anesthesia process. Our existing beverage, ClearFast will be produced here and so will the new beverages we have in development
  • Where is it?  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Will ClearFast Corporate Offices Move There?  Eventually. But at this point our corporate office will remain in beautiful San Diego, California

    Adult Nutrition Beverage in Development:

We are excited to announce that we have responded to consistent requests to make a delicious adult nutrition beverage that benefits patients who have malnutrition or are at risk for malnutrition. This line of beverages will be appropriate for patients several weeks out from surgery and recovering from surgery. They will also serve people experiencing involuntary weight loss.


Our mission in developing this beverage is to completely depart from the existing thick, milky, unpleasant adult nutrition beverages on the market today. ClearFast focuses on beverages with purpose that also taste and look beautiful!


Please tell us what you would love to taste and feel in an adult beverage with protein. Our beverage scientists will collect and consider your feedback.