When Water Won’t Cut It: 5 Times Your Body Needs a Recovery Drink

We love water for hydration as much as the next parched person, but there are times when your body craves a recovery drink instead of good ol’ h2o. Whether it’s a hot power yoga class, a week-long backpacking trip, or even a routine procedure, certain events in life call for the kind of hydration and nutrition you can only get from a serious recovery drink. Today, then, we’re breaking down five times when water simply won’t cut it. Read on for our top tips on replenishing right, with recovery a drink like ClearFast.

  1. Surgery

Surgery comes first on our roundup of the top five times you need a recovery drink—and for good reason. Undergoing anesthesia is one of the most stressful things we can put our bodies through. When you come home from the hospital, chances are your stomach is a little (or a lot) rocky from the anesthesia meds, which means you aren’t ready for solid foods right away. With 44 grams of complex carbs, drinking the ClearFast recovery drink after your surgery is a great way to ensure your body gets the medical-grade hydration and nutrition it craves post-procedure without upsetting your stomach. Plus, if you have an open wound (like a surgical incision), you need minerals that will aid in its healing. ClearFast contains zinc and L-Citrulline, powerful ingredients that help heal wounds, and Vitamin A to support overall tissue function. All in all, from replenishing electrolytes to extending your energy to helping wounds heal fast, drinking the ClearFast recovery drink when you get home from the hospital is great way to get a leg up on recovery after surgery.  (Psst…you can learn more about using ClearFast as a recovery drink after surgery here.)

  1. Heated Fitness Classes

From hot barre to hot vinyasa, heated fitness classes are a huge trend in the workout world right now. They can tone your muscles and burn calories like nobody’s business…but they can also wreak havoc on your body and deplete your energy level if you don’t properly hydrate after class. With classes that range from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 105+ (and humidity levels upwards of 50%), it’s no surprise that you sweat a TON in heated fitness classes. Unfortunately, simply drinking water after class isn’t enough to replenish all of the minerals and electrolytes you lose through sweat.

In fact, according to MindBodyGreen.com, “If you’re practicing hot yoga, like the Bikram series, you cannot properly hydrate with just water, especially in the summer.” Having sweated out a majority of your electrolytes, then, means that you need a post-class recovery drink that’s full of them…without any of the other unnatural stuff, like the harmful colored dyes and simple sugars you find in sports drinks. In regards to sports drinks for post-hot-yoga hydration, MindBodyGreen.com also says, “Sports drinks often have too much sodium and sugar. In an extreme emergency, they will help. As a regular source of hydration, they are not the best.” The ClearFast recovery drink, unlike sports drinks, is clear and colorless, gluten-free, free of unnatural ingredients and simple sugars, AND contains all of the electrolytes and complex carbs your body needs to replenish itself after a sweaty heated fitness class. Cheers to that!

  1. A Marathon

Anyone who’s ever ran a marathon knows just how rewarding it can be. Unfortunately, though, it can also be super hard on your body and energy level. According to Medifast, a runner can burn upwards of 100 calories per mile. That’s 2,600 calories for a full marathon (whew!). With complex carbs for nourishment (which you’ll need after all of that calorie burning), electrolytes for hydration, Vitamin A for tissue function, and zinc and L-Citrulline for healing, the ClearFast recovery drink is a great solution for helping your body replenish and repair post-marathon. It offers medical-grade hydration and nutrition while remaining free of simple sugars and harmful colored dyes (like the kind you’ll find in popular sports drinks). Plus, it’s 100% gluten-free…so it’s a super friendly option for any GF runners out there looking to replenish after those tough 26 miles!

  1. A Backpacking Trip

Anyone who’s been backpacking knows just how depleted your body can feel after returning home from the trail. You’ve been hiking for miles (and miles…and miles), and likely surviving off of nothing but dehydrated food and sugar-laden trail bars. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound person can burn 511 calories per hour backpacking, while a 200-pound person can burn 637 calories per hour. Couple that with the fact you’re surviving on minimal food, and it’s easy to see why your body craves serious hydration and nutrition when you get home—the kind that can only come from a recovery drink. The ClearFast recovery drink contains 50 grams of complex carbs, so drinking one chilled is the perfect way to reintroduce your body to nutrition and give it the energy it needs, without having to go totally ham on solid foods (which can upset your stomach after days of not eating much).

Plus, it’s pretty much impossible to go backpacking without incurring a wound or two. Whether it’s blistered feet, or cuts and scrapes on your arms from hiking through dense forest, chances are you’re returning home with a few battle wounds. The ClearFast recovery drink contains zinc, a powerful mineral that helps cuts and wounds heal faster.

  1. A Cold or Flu

When we’re sick, our appetite is suppressed…so we need a simple solution (one that we can actually keep down) for hydrating and nourishing fast. A recovery drink like ClearFast is your best bet when recovering from a cold or flu—as it contains the nourishment, minerals, and healing properties you simply can’t get from just drinking water. Plus, the fact that it doesn’t contain simple sugars or harmful neon dyes makes it a much better recovery drink option than sugary sports drinks. (You can read more about why sports drinks don’t cut it here).


Overall, there are times in our life when our body simply craves the nutrition, hydration, and healing properties you’ll find only in a recovery drink. Because it’s easy to drink on a rocky stomach, contains healing minerals and properties our bodies need, and is gluten-free, ClearFast is the perfect recovery drink for those who want to speed up their recovery process after everything from hot power yoga to a challenging marathon. If you’re ready for fast recovery, you can order your ClearFast Recovery Drink here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all.