ClearFast vs Ensure Presurgery: The Differences Every Patient Should Know

If you read the ClearFast blog or follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably heard us say “not all presurgery drinks were created equal.” There’s a reason we drive this point home: from the formulation to the flavor, every last thing that goes into a presurgery drink affects how well a patient recovers. In other words, just because something is labeled “presurgery” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s compliant or the effective choice for patients looking to enhance their recovery. Today, then, we’re talking all about ClearFast vs Ensure Presurgery. Read on to learn more about the distinct differences every patient should know about.

ClearFast vs Ensure Presurgery: Nutrition Differences

When it comes to ClearFast vs Ensure Presurgery, the biggest difference is in formulation. The two main formulation differences are broken down below:

  • Artificial Sweeteners: While ClearFast contains no artificial sweeteners and is sweetened with a natural sweetener (Stevia), Ensure Presurgery uses added artificial sweeteners like fructose.
  • Healing Minerals: While both ClearFast and Ensure Presurgery contain zinc—a powerful healing mineral that boosts the immune system and supports enzyme function—only the ClearFast presurgery drink contains L-Citrulline. An amino acid widely used to reduce fatigue and improve endurance in athletic performances, L-citrulline has a much more profound role in the enhancement of perioperative outcomes: it improves circulation by increasing nitric oxide levels, boosts the immune system, aids in muscle recovery, increases protein synthesis, and boosts nitric oxide and growth hormone levels.

ClearFast vs Ensure Presurgery: What Customers are Saying

ClearFast vs Ensure ClearFast vs Ensure

Beyond the nutritional differences, according to customer reviews, patients tend to be happier with ClearFast than they are with Ensure overall. While ClearFast currently has 4.4 out of 5 stars from 55 customer reviews on Amazon, Ensure Presurgery only has 3.0 out of 5 stars from 29 customer reviews on Amazon. (Notice nearly half—or 45 percent—of Ensure’s reviews are 1-star reviews.)

  • Real ClearFast Customer Review: “I had an upcoming colonoscopy and needed clear liquids for the day before my procedure. Out of the several clear drinks I tried, this was by far the best tasting. It has a light refreshing taste, like a mild Koolaid. If I have any upcoming procedures where I need to fast, this will be my go-to drink of choice.”
  • Real ClearFast Customer Review: “Have to say without hesitation, it was the best prep I’ve had to date. Even the “other” results of the prep was easier. I drank one bottle the night before along with the prep liquid, then one bottle early morning with the prep and one bottle 2 hours before the procedure. Oh my gosh what a difference in how I felt! I won’t be dreading it again as long as I have this drink.”
  • Real ClearFast Customer Review: “Have been reading about enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and preop hydration and nutrition is where it all starts. My surgery was at 2:30 pm, which means I would have fasted for 14 hours if I didn’t eat after midnight. Using ClearFast, I had one bottle when I woke up at 6 am, then another at 11. I went into surgery without feeling hungry or dehydrated and felt great afterwards. Even better, it tastes good and my anesthesiologist said using it was a great idea. Two thumbs up for Clearfast”
  • Real ClearFast Customer Review: “Purchased for my partner who drank one the night before major rotator cuff surgery and one the morning of the surgery. She said she didn’t suffer from the usual nausea and headache post surgery like she has happened before a few times. I purchased two packs and the day of surgery when she came home she drank another ClearFast and later that night told me she would recommend ClearFast to anyone facing surgery and/or procedures to help with nausea, headaches, and dehydration difficulties!”


Want to know more about why ClearFast is the premier choice for presurgery nutrition? Read all about ClearFast and the science behind its ingredients here—or reach out to the ClearFast team at if you have any questions at all. We’re always here and happy to help.