In the Drink

Complex Carbs
Research shows that drinking complex carbs nourishes patients before surgery

All Natural Ingredients
Gluten free, no preservatives, or dye coloring

Speed the absorption of ClearFast into the stomach

Zinc & L-Citrulline
Properties that will heal you faster

Vitamin A
A vitamin that supports health and tissue function.

A trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant and contributes to healthy immune function.


Below we only compare drinks that have been on the market for at least two years and have a meaningful number of patient servings. There are no other ready-to-drink carbohydrate drinks currently on the market long enough to warrant comparison. Preoperative carbohydrate drinks that come in powder form create challenges as they require precise measuring, mixing and timing. The only true option for an enhanced recovery protocol is a tried and true, bottled preoperative carbohydrate drink: ClearFast.

Adult Protein Drinks
Adult nutrition drinks such as Ensure Clear® contain protein, which does not quickly clear from the stomach and therefore, can be dangerous. Others contain protein and have a thick, milky consistency instead of a clear composition. When looking for a pre-op drink, make sure its clear, contains no protein and has healing properties such as L-Citrulline.

Sports Drinks… (Sugar Water)
Colored dyes, high sugars, zero complex carbs
You don’t need a medical degree to know that you shouldn’t prep for surgery with dyed sugar water…
Not a ready-to-drink beverage
Unnecessary mixing effort & time
Messy, inefficient, clumpy

Water, Coffee & Tea
Helps dehydration but does not stop starvation