At ClearFast, we mindfully formulate based on what we would drink ourselves or give to our loved ones, not how cheaply we can get the ingredients. We believe that surgery and recovery are not the moments to settle for an inferior product. If you care about quality for your patients, ClearFast Nutrition products are the only real option. 

When it comes to presurgery nutrition, not all products are created equal. Competitive products cut their cost by loading their drinks with artificial sweeteners, synthetics, budget animal & soy protein and other dirty ingredients. Unlike competitors, we don’t pinch pennies just to profit off of your patients. Instead, we have combined scientific evidence with superior ingredients to create the gold standard in perioperative beverages. CF is in development of a suite of high quality clinical nutrition drinks, backed by research, promoted by doctors, and loved by patients. 

While our products are premium, our pricing is still competitive. Hospitals receive special pricing with volume discounts bringing the per bottle cost even lower! We prioritized quality, safety, and efficacy in producing the superior beverages we have today. Using modern drink technology and premium, clean, natural ingredients we are proud to offer safe, delicious, easy-to-use products. ClearFast: Formulated with purpose.