Stay hydrated & healthy this flu season

Clean hydration.
Clinical immune Support.

Clinical nutrition featuring clean, quality ingredients. It’s that simple.

At CF Nutrition, our scientists and dietitians bridged the gap between the current state of the clinical nutrition market (poor-tasting products with artificial ingredients) and what healthcare professionals actually want to give their patients (healthy products featuring clean ingredients). Today, we offer an evolving suite of premium products designed to level-up the medical nutrition space.

Modern, Common-Sense Nutrition you can trust

Doctor Approved

Looking for a second opinion? Unsure about your options?

We get it– in an industry plagued by unverified claims and questionable ingredient profiles, it’s important to evaluate all your options.
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Safer Surgeries. Stronger Recoveries. For Every Patient, Every Time.

We offer direct support for customers by
  • Answering questions about our ingredients & formulations
  • Connecting you with our support team
  • Providing resources to start a dialogue with your doctor

Modern Clinical Nutrition

  • Original CF(Preop)® drink created by an anesthesiologist
  • Products formulated by doctors, dietitians, & beverage scientists
  • Clinical nutrition support staff of registered dietitians
  • Experienced sales team for personalized customer support

“The way of the future in pre-op care”

As a physician and surgeon myself, I wholeheartedly endorse this product. It is really the first of its kind in the US, and it has been a huge success in my experience. Not only do I use it for all of my own surgical patients, but I have used it as a patient myself before a procedure. It makes a tremendous difference. The drink actually tastes pretty good, especially chilled overnight, but the best thing is that you go into surgery without the starving or thirst feeling, and you are much calmer, more relaxed, and you get through it much better. I think this should be the way of the future for preop care. There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting its use; we just have to convince our anesthesiologists that it’s time to drop the “old school ways” of nothing to eat or drink after midnight, and adopt the new evidence-based practices.
- Amazon Review of CF(Preop)®


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