Premium Immune Boosting


Pea Protein

plant-based protein


no artificial sweeteners


vegan, kosher+gluten-free

How does CF(protein)® support the immune system

Physical stress like infection, injury, and surgery create an inflammatory response in our immune systems. Our immune systems may need extra nutrients to keep our defenses high.  

There are many nutrients which can improve immune function, and we’ve loaded CF(Protein)® with as many as possible!


Mango Juice

Loaded with Vitamins C & A, high in Potassium, Calcium & antioxidants

Pea Protein

A perfect protein with all 9 essential amino acids


A powerful antioxidant known to reduce inflammation

Chia Oil

Packed with Omega-3, know for anti-inflammatory properties

Coconut Water

Loaded with electrolytes for a hydration boost

Scientist formulated, nutritionist recommended, physician endorsed.

There are big companies offering low-quality, poor tasting options formulated with synthetic ingredients, but when it comes to supporting your health, CF Nutrition believes you deserve better.

Plant-based protein. Premium ingredients. Packed with nutrients. 

- Amazon Review

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