What to Drink Before Surgery: 3 Things You Might Not Have Realized About ClearFast

When it comes to what to drink before surgery, not all beverages were created equal (sorry, sugary sports drinks). Today, then, we’re breaking down some of the key things that set ClearFast far above the competition. Read on for three simple things you may not have realized about ClearFast that make a major difference in your surgery experience.

  1. It was developed by an anesthesiologist.

Many people don’t realize the ClearFast presurgery drink was actually developed by a seasoned anesthesiologist. She was working out of a large outpatient surgery center in San Diego and, as the director, was charged with finding ways to improve the center’s outcomes. She realized the center was seeing a number of case cancellations simply because patients couldn’t maintain the typical “from midnight” fast, so she began researching ways to nourish patients before surgery while still safely maintaining the fast. She realized allowing patients to drink a clear, complex-carb-rich beverage before surgery ensured they felt full, satisfied, and nourished (which made maintaining the fast much easier for patients)—while still being safe to go under anesthesia.

  1. It’s safe to drink up to two hours before surgery.

While old-school thought tells us patients can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight before the day of their surgery, modern medical research points to the fact that nourishing patients with the right presurgery drink actually makes for safer surgeries and faster recoveries. (Learn more about why fasting from midnight is no longer the accepted norm here.) Because of this, ClearFast was specifically formulated to be safe to drink up to two hours before surgery, as it clears from your stomach in time for you to safely go under anesthesia (hence the name ClearFast!). If you think maintaining the from-midnight fast might be difficult for you—or if you’re interested in getting an edge on recovery and waking up from surgery feeling stronger than those who’ve fasted from midnight—ask your doctor about nourishing your body with ClearFast instead.

  1. It aids with PONV.

Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a common medical phenomenon that happens to one in three patients who go under general anesthesia. There are two main reasons so many patients experience that dreaded feeling of nausea and sickness upon waking from surgery: First, prolonged fasting from midnight causes an unnecessary build-up of stomach acid. Second, the anesthesia drugs themselves, when taken on an empty stomach, can cause patients to get sick upon waking from surgery. Essentially, you’re pumping your body full of powerful drugs with nothing but stomach acid in your stomach—it’s a clear recipe for vomiting and nausea.

Replacing the old-school “from midnight” fast, then, with a liquid fast instead ensures your stomach isn’t empty (and isn’t full of stomach acid) when you’re administered heavy anesthesia drugs. But, when it comes to what to drink before surgery to safely reduce your risk of PONV, not just any liquid will do: research shows patients need something rich in complex carbs that will act as a liquid food—but, in order to be safe for surgery, the liquid also needs to be clear and colorless and free of simple sugars. Enter the ClearFast presurgery drink!


Still on the fence about what to drink before surgery? Read all about ClearFast and the science behind its ingredients here—or reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all!