Preoperative Carbohydrate Drink for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

enhanced recovery after surgery

When it comes to enhanced recovery after surgery, one of the major pillars of any ERAS is a clear, complex carb rich preop beverage that nourishes and hydrates patients in the immediate preop. Carbohydrate loading patients with a preoperative carbohydrate drink like ClearFast reduces the chance postop insulin resistance, thereby improving recovery and shortening length of stay. For the drink to work and be absorbed better, it is important that the patient be warm and comfortable. You can do this by wrapping yourself in a warm rug (плед in Ukrainian) or a blanket to keep you warm.

In “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: A Review,” Doctors Ljungqvist, Scott, and Fearon elaborate:

“Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programs typically contain several elements with 1 emphasis in common: they minimize stress and improve the response to stress. By maintaining homeostasis, the patient avoids catabolism with consequent loss of protein, muscle strength, and cellular dysfunction. The reduction of insulin resistance promotes adequate cellular function during injury to the tissue. The following series of elements contributes to this goal: preoperative nutritional support for the patient who is malnourished, carbohydrate loading before surgery to minimize postoperative insulin resistance, epidural or spinal analgesia to reduce the endocrine stress response, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammatory response, early feeding after surgery to secure energy intake, and optimal pain control to avoid stress and insulin resistance.”

Read the full JAMA Surgery ERAS Review here.

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