Medical Professionals

Did You Know?

1. Since 1999 (and reinforced in 2011) the ASA® stated in their preoperative fasting guidelines that patients should be hydrating and nourishing with clear liquids up to 2 hours before surgery, and forgoing the traditional NPO fast.

2. Over 30 studies have shown that the residual gastric acid caused by NPO starvation can be extremely harmful to patients if aspirated

3. Research and field data shows the following patient benefits from hydrating and nourishing patients before anesthesia:

  • Reduced rates of infection
  • Less preop anxiety
  • Reduced PONV
  • Shorter LOS

No ClearFast Yet?

1. ClearFast is specifically formulated for surgical patients - no colored dyes, no protein, no fat, no extreme sugar content

2. ClearFast contains complex carbs and just the right amount of calories, unlike sports drinks

3. ClearFast contains healing properties such as zinc and L-citrulline

4. ClearFast comes in a 12oz, ready-to-drink bottle - no powders, no mixing, no measuring, no mess

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