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With benefits such as reduced readmit rates and shortened LOS, CFpreop® is the gold standard presurgery drink for Enhanced Recovery programs at hospitals & ASCs.

CFpreop® is a delicious ERAS® carb drink taken by patients in the 12-hour preop window. It is clear, colorless and complex carb rich, and it contains properties such as Zinc and L-Citrulline to promote healing.

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Proper nutrition before surgery is a key component of any successful ERAS® program.

  • On average, a true ERAS® program can reduce length of stay (LOS) in the hospital by 1-3 days.[1] 
  • A hospital pays a national average of $2,200 per day in expenses for an inpatient stay.[2]

    CFpreop® protocol costs just a few dollars per patient (for 2 bottles). 

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