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What is maltodextrin and is it safe for my patients?
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Proper nutrition before surgery is a key component of any successful ERAS® program. On average, a true ERAS® program can reduce length of stay (LOS) in the hospital by 1-3 days.[1]
A hospital pays a national average of $2,200 per day in expenses for an inpatient stay.[2]

ClearFast costs just $8 per patient (for 2 bottles). Use our calculator below to see the financial savings that a robust, system wide ERAS® program can yield

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With benefits such as reduced readmit rates and shortened LOS, ClearFast PreOp is the gold standard
preop drink for Enhanced Recovery programs at hospitals across the country!
ClearFast PreOp is a delicious ERAS® drink taken by patients in the immediate preop window. It is clear, colorless and
complex carb rich, and it contains properties such as Zinc and L-Citrulline to promote healing.

TED Talk by Dr. Olle Ljungqvist, Surgeon

“NPO is Nonsense”

TED Talk by Dr. Olle Ljungqvist, Surgeon

ERAS® Enhanced Recovery
After Surgery Revolution

TED Talk by Dr. Olle Ljungqvist, Surgeon

Do you have an Enhanced
Recovery Program?

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ClearFast: An ERAS® Drink
for the Immediate Preop Window

before surgery
What are
we doing?
& Hydrating
  • 50g Complex Carbs
  • 200 calories
  • L-Citrulline
  • Zinc
  • Clear & Colorless
Who is it for?
Outpatient Surgeries per yea
  • 61M Surgeries
  • 14M Colonoscopies
  • Nearly all Could Benefit From
    Hydrating & Nourishing
  • Good for Diabetics? Yes!
  • Excepting Patients with
of course!
  • Prevent Metabolic Disorder
  • Reduce ph Residual Gastric
    Acid from Fasting
  • Optimize Patient Comfort
  • Prevent Post-op Insulin
  • Reduce SSI
  • Reduce Re-admits