CF(Colonoscopy Kit)®

Kit Includes:

  • Two 32 oz bottles of CF(Rehydrate)®
  • One 8.3 oz container of laxative powder

Just the word “colonoscopy” is enough to make most people cringe. We understand your reservations about this important procedure. While colonoscopy prep is essential, feeling miserable for days after your procedure isn’t.

Your Prep With
MiraLAX® + CF(Rehydrate)®

Enhanced hydration
Fresh Supply of Electolytes
Reduced stress & discomfort
Quicker, Healthier recovery

Your Prep With
MiraLAX® + Water®

Dehydration complications
Higher risk of nutrient loss
Added stress & discomfort
Longer, sluggish recovery

Using The CF(Colonoscopy Kit)®

Using a CF(Colonoscopy Kit)® to prep for a colonoscopy can help minimize discomfort and ease the overall prep process. Our kits include CF(Rehydrate)®, a medical-grade hydration drink that allows patients to stay hydrated with a concentrated dose of key electrolytes, including sodium and potassium.

*Always consult your doctor and refer to your doctor’s instructions for your specific colonoscopy

Preparing For A Colonoscopy

  • While individual instructions may vary* based on your physician, the general protocol for colonoscopy preparation calls for patients to consume a powerful laxative to strip all contents from the colon.
  • Physicians may instruct patients to eat a diet low in fiber up to 72 hours before the procedure and consume a liquid diet 24 hours before the operation.
  • Patients should clear their schedules and allow themselves time to complete the colonoscopy prep from the comfort of their home. This will help minimize unnecessary stress and allow patients to complete their full prep, which may take several hours. Physicians may also request that patients stop consuming alcohol and smoking in the days leading up to their procedure.

A Look at Your* Colonoscopy Prep Timeline

Begin a low fiber diet
Check the details of your procedure & schedule a ride home
Consume a clear liquid diet
Complete your prep using CF(Colon Kit)®
Take a deep breath- you made it!

The Challenges

Without proper nourishment of the body, colonoscopy prep can be accompanied by severe abdominal cramps, bloating, nutrient depletion, extreme dehydration, and other uncomfortable symptoms.
Many patients will experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or headaches resulting from electrolyte imbalances and fluid loss.

The Sports Drinks

  • Drinking traditional sports drinks, juices, or sodas may negatively impact accurate results.
  • Red, blue or purple dyes found in many electrolyte drinks can mask the colon’s lining and prevent the doctor from detecting harmful polyps.
  • Unlike other drinks, CF(Rehydrate)® is clear and colorless, making it safe to consume before, during, and after a colonoscopy preparation. We never use harmful additives, including artificial colors or flavors.
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