Having surgery or going through life malnourished can cause serious complications. CFprotein® is a delicious, natural plant protein drink made to get you strong in the weeks leading up to surgery. And, it’s ideal for your recovery days after surgery.

pea protein

plant-based protein


no artificial sweeteners


vegan, kosher + gluten-free


CFprotein® 4-pack Mango Peach


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Why Do I Need a Protein Drink?

Going into surgery malnourished or under-nourished can lead to serious post-op complications like infection and pneumonia. Surgery is a major stress on the body, and it needs all the support it can get. Supplementing a healthy diet with CFprotein® in the weeks leading up to and following surgery can help you build a solid foundation for your upcoming procedure.

CFprotein® is great for every day! You can drink a bottle after you exercise, or as a healthy snack at work or school. If you’re preparing for surgery, have 1 bottle per day for 7- 14 days leading up to the procedure.