General Surgery

“Helped nurses get my IV the first try!

I used this because it was recommended by a friend before surgery. I think it really helped, I’m usually a very difficult person to start IVs on and the nurses got it on the first try! That was worth it right there, also my anesthesiologist said that was a great idea and that he has heard good things about the product. I had a 10 am procedure so hunger wasn’t really an issue, but I didn’t feel hungry and my recovery went so well the doctor said I could go home when he was planning on keep me overnight. I would definitely recommend this product, also tastes good (make sure it’s refrigerated)…”

Works Great!

I used two bottles of ClearFast. I drank one just before my eating cut off time and the other before the clear liquid cut off time. ClearFast worked just as advertised! I woke up after my surgery feeling good, voice was strong and in my right mind. It took a couple of weeks for all the surgery drugs to wear off but I was able to eat and function well considering the surgery I had. I will definitely use it again whenever I have surgery.”

“ClearFast, a major step forward in nutrition and hydration before surgery

Have been reading about enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and preop hydration and nutrition is where it all starts. My surgery was at 2:30 pm, which means I would have fasted for 14 hours if I didn’t eat after midnight. Using ClearFast, I had one bottle when I woke up at 6 am, then another at 11. I went into surgery without feeling hungry or dehydrated and felt great afterwards. Even better, it tastes good and my anesthesiologist said using it was a great idea. Two thumbs up for ClearFast

Used ClearFast with the last colonoscopy prep, and felt great before and after. It definitely helped me to not feel starved and headachy! Will definitely use again when needed.”

“These drinks are awesome!

I used these before and after my surgery. They taste great and I felt great during my fast before surgery and and my liquid diet after surgery. I would totally recommend to other bariatric patients.”

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This drink is awesome!!

I used ClearFast for a colonoscopy I had. In the last 6 years I’ve had 4. The last one I had last July was without a doubt the least stressful I have ever experienced. I have hypoglycemia and fasting while drinking that horrible drink makes me absolutely miserable getting light headed, shakey, weak and all the hypoglycemic symptoms of not eating there are. I saw this drink on amazon and tried it. I have to say without hesitation, it was the best prep I’ve had to date. Even the “other” results of the prep was easier. I drank one bottle the night before along with the prep liquid, then one bottle early morning with the prep and one bottle 2 hours before the procedure. Oh my gosh what a difference in how I felt! I won’t be dreading it again as long as I have this drink.”

I read the reviews before purchasing this product because it’s expensive but I am here to tell you it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. I will admit that I did not ask my doctor if it was OK if had ClearFast before my colonoscopy, I just did it. I’m glad I did. I waited until evening time on the day of prep when the “faucets” were running full blast and I started feeling run down from dehydration and loss of nutrition to drink the first one. It perked me right up. I drank the second one after the “faucets” had run dry and I needed to sleep. I felt pretty good the next morning albeit a little thirsty but that is to be expected. My colonoscopy came out perfect. The doc had no complaints.

Also, they really tasted pretty good. I had the watermelon and it wasn’t too sweet or strong tasting. I kind of liked it. I will most certainly be buying this product again for myself or anyone in my family who is having to prep for surgery or colonoscopy.”

“This made colonoscopy prep so tolerable…

I was scheduled for a colonoscopy, but clear up to a week before, I gave serious thought to canceling. I have hypoglycemia and was worried about my symptoms if I go without protein for longer than 2 hours. By chance I found this and after reading reviews I decided to go ahead with the procedure and try this. I used Suprep (2 doses 8 oz each divided). As per instructions I had a sip of ClearFast with each sip of prep. Then also per ClearFast instructions, I drank one 2 hours before procedure, so 3 altogether. The combination of the smaller quantity prep and the ClearFast gave me the best colonoscopy prep I’ve ever had. I always dread the prep part, but it was no big deal. I barely had any hypoglycemia symptoms at all. After reading about it and all the reviews, I did not tell or ask my doctor if I could take this because no doubt he would say no without even knowing anything about it. I hope to never have another fasting procedure without this again.”

I had checked with my physician before buying to make sure I wouldn’t have issues since the prep for a colonoscopy is worse than the actual procedure. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t going to be an issue drinking the ClearFast. I ordered both grape and watermelon flavored to drink the day before my colonoscopy.

I had a bottle of grape to chase the first dose of SuPrep and it made it tolerable. I drank a bottle of the watermelon flavored ClearFast while the SuPrep was doing its thing. I chased the second dose of SuPrep with another bottle of grape flavored ClearFast. It really helped keep me feeling hydrated.

I actually prefer the watermelon over the grape, cause the watermelon was lighter in taste overall. However, I think the grape worked better as a chaser cause it does have a stronger taste to it.

I finished drinking the ClearFast at least 4 hours before my procedure. I woke up in the room at the end of my procedure and was wide awake when they wheeled me to recovery. I think the ClearFast helped a lot. I’ve been recommending it to my friends. Will definitely order again.”

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Nurses & Doctors

The way of the future in pre-op care…

As a physician and surgeon myself, I wholeheartedly endorse this product. It is really the first of its kind in the US, and it has been a huge success in my experience. Not only do I use it for all of my own surgical patients, but I have used it as a patient myself before a procedure. It makes a tremendous difference. The drink actually tastes pretty good, especially chilled overnight, but the best thing is that you go into surgery without the starving or thirst feeling, and you are much calmer, more relaxed, and you get through it much better. I think this should be the way of the future for preop care. There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting its use; we just have to convince our anesthesiologists that it’s time to drop the “old school ways” of nothing to eat or drink after midnight, and adopt the new evidence-based practices.”

“I can always tell which patients have had ClearFast. They are always calm and comfortable,
plus, they are ‘easy IV sticks.’ Why aren’t all patients having ClearFast?”

“Patients just love having their ClearFast before surgery.
Those who have had it before refuse to have another surgery without it.”

“IV sticks are much easier as their veins pop right up!”

“ClearFast seems to oer the key advantage of boosting the patient’s intravascular
volume and is not immediately excreted like simple sugar drinks given pre-operatively.
That is a real plus for our patients.”

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