Helps Maintain Optimal Body
Composition During Weight Loss

Gluten Free

What is CF(Sustain)®

CF(Sustain)® Protein is a enhanced protein powder designed to help preserve muscle mass during weight loss. Each of its premium ingredients has been intentionally chosen to promote optimal body composition during weight loss.

Why drink CF(Sustain)® Protein?

  • Preserve muscle mass during weight loss
  • On the go protein powder for everyday use
  • Perfect low calorie, high protein option for people on GLP-1 weight loss drugs
  • Vitamins and minerals to support bone health
  • Light, refreshing, and delicious flavor
  • Natural sources of sugar
  • Multiple applications for essential hydration
  • Supports comprehensive nutritional status of patients
  • Suitable for children


• Athletic Events  • Weight loss Support  • Supports Bone Health  • General Wellness  

Athletic Events, Weight loss Support, Supports Bone Health, General Wellness  

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High Quality Protein

During weight loss, high quality protein helps preserve muscle mass so that you can lose the fat but keep the muscle! CF(Sustain) Protein contains 20 grams of organic whey protein.

Supports Bone Health

Calcium and Vitamin D help support bone health. CF(Sustain) Protein contains 30% of the RDA for Vitamin D and 45% of the RDA for Calcium.

Helps Preserve Muscle Mass During Weight Loss

CF(Sustain) Protein not only contains 20 grams of high quality protein, but also 3 grams of HMB and 5 grams of Creatine. Together, this combo will help support optimal body composition during weight loss. 

Organic Flavors
No Artificial Ingredients
Soy and Gluten Free
No Added Sugars
Vegan, Kosher, Halal

Want to learn more about CF(Sustain)®?

Contact support@drinkcf.com for additional resources
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