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What is ERAS®?

The established standard of care for patients undergoing surgery, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) is a program rooted in taking a proactive approach to achieving enhanced surgical outcomes. By establishing an outline of best practices—including ensuring patients receive the essential clinical nutrition their body needs prior to undergoing anesthesia—ERAS® provides medical professionals a proven framework for shortening recovery periods, decreasing readmit rates, and improving surgical outcomes across the board.

How can ERAS® protocols benefit me?

ERAS® programs can yield a vast array of patient and provider benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Overall improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced incidence of post-op complications
  • Shorter length of hospital stay, fewer re-admissions
  • Lower patient care costs
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores

What does CF Nutrition have to do with ERAS®?

CF Nutrition acts as the nutrition ‘pillar’ of a complete ERAS® program. With a comprehensive product line of clinical nutrition drinks, CF Nutrition is able to meet the needs of countless different surgical patients. With a line of products intentionally designed to support the entire perioperative period, CF Nutrition provides patients and physicians access to clean, reliable nutrition when it’s needed most.


Primary Components
From the experts:
“…For patients who undergo elective surgery, it is more important than ever to implement ERAS®, given the increased importance to avoid complications, intensive care admission and to have patients in a condition to leave the hospital as soon as possible.” – ERAS® Society, April 2020

“All caregivers should know that one out of every three patients admitted to the hospital, anywhere in the world, on any service, is malnourished…and that creates a real risk for patients. They have a three times greater risk for complication, and a five times greater risk for mortality.”
– Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, Department of Anesthesiology, Duke University

From the experts:

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