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New Customers
Quotes are based on the number of procedures per month using the 2-bottle protocol, current customer hospital affiliations, and health system expansion.
Existing Customers
Please send PO orders to support@drinkcf.com for immediate processing.

Direct Customer Benefits

We offer custom-branded packaging, instructions, and more to meet the unique needs of your patients, practice, or facility.
Resource & Training Library
Patients and staff gain access to our rich library of videos, RD clinical support, articles, and more.

Products & Pricing

We offer retailers and distributors the option to purchase custom quantities of any of the following products.

Quantity & Storage

Our products have a long, 12-month shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated (though we do advise chilling prior to drinking for best taste). The more service lines and facilities within your healthcare system using CF Nutrition, the lower your pricing will be. While most hospitals follow a 2-bottle protocol per patient when it comes to CF(Preop)®, protocol for alternative CF Nutrition products should be determined by provider on a case-by-case basis.

Shipping & Distribution

When you buy in bulk, in advance, we offer personalized shipping and distribution schedules, allowing facilities to maintain optimal storage quantities while always having product on hand. Our preferred distributors are Medline & Cardinal Health, although CF Nutrition is also available through McKesson, Sysco, US Foods, Reinhart, Owen & Minor, and Foodservice Express.

Direct order can also be sent directly to support@drinkcf.com or faxed to 858.703.6480.
We accept payment by all major credit cards, checks, e-checks, ACH and EDI transfer.

Please make all checks are payable to:
160 Chesterfield
Suite 101
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007


Item Number Product HCPCS Code
CF-1100-ST CF(Preop) Strawberry B4102 or B4103
CF-1100-WG CF(Preop) White Grape B4102 or B4103
CF-1100-WM CF(Preop) Watermelon B4102 or B4103
CF-1400-MP CF(Protein) Mango Peach B4150 or B4160
CF-2032-AB CF(Rehydrate) Aloha Blend B4102 or B4103
CF-2032-KS CF(Rehydrate) Kiwi Strawberry B4102 or B4103
CF-2032-OR CF(Rehydrate) Orange B4102 or B4103
CF-2132-AB CF(Rehydrate) Immunity + Aloha Blend B4102 or B4103
CF-2132-KS CF(Rehydrate) Immunity + Kiwi Strawberry B4102 or B4103
CF-2132-OR CF(Rehydrate) Immunity + Orange B4102 or B4103

Reimbursement Info.

HCPCS Code: B4012 or B4103
Product: Item Number:
Strawberry CF-1100-ST
White Grape CF-1100-WG
Watermelon CF-1100-WM
HCPCS Code: B4012 or B4103
Product: Item Number:
Mango Peach CF-1400-MP
HCPCS Code: B4012 or B4103
Product: Item Number:
Aloha Blend CF-2032-AB
Kiwi Strawberry CF-2032-KS
Orange CF-2032-OR
HCPCS Code: B4012 or B4103
Product: Item Number:
Aloha Blend CF-2132-AB
Kiwi Strawberry CF-2132-KS
Orange CF-2132-OR

Still have questions? Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact us at Support@drinkcf.com and a team member will assist you.

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