What To Look For in a Pre Surgery Drink

When it comes to pre surgery drinks, they aren’t all created equal. Below, we’ve broken down the top three things to look for when deciding what pre surgery drink to buy:

1. L-Citrulline

Always choose a pre surgery drink that contains L-Citrulline, like ClearFast does. L-Citrulline is a healing property, and when it comes to surgery, healing is everything.

Avoid Drinks That:

– Use Arginine—while it is a healing property, it irritates the bowel and can cause diarrhea which is the last thing someone needs going into surgery!
– Don’t have any healing properties at all.

2. Complex Carbohydrates

Simple sugar carbs don’t do anything for you when it comes to pre surgery nourishment. To fight hunger and blood sugar fluctuations (infection) you need complex carbohydrates. ClearFast contains 44g of complex carbohydrates!

Avoid Drinks That:

– Use simple sugars as their “carbohydrate” such as sports drinks.

3. Delicious Flavor

Let’s be real… no one wants to drink a bottle, let alone, 3 bottles of something that tastes bad! That’s why ClearFast was formulated to not only precisely hydrate and nourish you before surgery, but to taste amazing! Our delicious White Grape and Watermelon flavors make pre surgery nutrition a lovely experience (yes, really!).

Avoid Drinks That:

– Taste Bad! You may have to have 2 – 4 bottles of a pre surgery drink. Don’t buy one that makes you struggle with each sip!

As Always – never have a pre-surgery drink that is thick, milky, contains protein, fats or simple sugars or that is colored in anyway! Wishing you great health!

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