5 Tips for Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal


5 Tips for Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is practically a high-school rite of passage. In fact, nearly 85 percent of adults have had their wisdom teeth removed, and just around 10 million wisdom teeth are removed each year (that’s 5 million mouths that are operated on annually!). So, how do you help your highschooler prepare for this dreaded—but common—oral surgery? Today, we’re breaking gown:

  • Having the right questions prepared
  • Stocking up on recovery items
  • Putting a Plan B in place
  • Reducing your child’s risk of post-op nausea and vomiting
  • Preparing your home for recovery

Now, let’s dig in…

Make preparing for wisdom teeth removal as painless as possible with these five expert tips:

  1. Have a list of questions prepared for your surgeon

Preparing for wisdom teeth removal starts with speaking up! As the old adage goes, it’s hard to see the entire picture when you’re inside of the frame—and sometimes a doctor’s expertise and extreme familiarity with a procedure means he or she can neglect to break down the basics for those who are facing the surgery for the very first time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Sending our kids into surgery can be scary (to say the least), so avoid stress and confusion on the day of by having a list of questions prepared for your child’s pre-op appointment. We recommend ensuring you have the answers to the following:

  • What time will we need to show up for the oral surgery?
  • Is there any paperwork we can fill out in advance?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • Will you be using local or general anesthesia?
  • Will my child need to fast the night before the surgery?
  • Can they safely work a preop drink into their surgery prep?
  • What will their recovery be like and how long will the recovery process take?
  • Will they be sent home with pain medication or can we purchase over the counter medication?
  1. Stock up on recovery items and fill prescriptions

The last thing anyone wants to do after surgery is head to the grocery store, which is why stocking up on recovery items is key when it comes to preparing for wisdom teeth removal. Be sure to purchase multiple ice packs (or ask your doctor if they’ll send you home with some), soft foods, soups and hydrating liquids. If your doctor does plan on prescribing pain meds for your child’s recovery, ask that they write the prescription in advance so you can fill the prescription before the oral surgery—rather than having to head to the pharmacy on your way home with a groggy, recovering child in your car.

  1. Have a Plan B

With children under 18, a parent or guardian will need to be present before, during and definitely after the oral surgery to drive the patient home. It’s always best to ensure you’ve got one friend, family member or other parent lined up should something unexpected happen. Whether it’s a last-minute work meeting that you simply can’t miss, the dog accidentally setting off your home security alarm, or another child getting sick at school while one is in surgery—the last thing you want is to have no plan B if an unexpected emergency comes up.

  1. Reduce the chances of nausea and vomiting with ClearFast

We’d do anything to make our kids feel a little better when they’re up against something tough, and having the comfort of some nourishment goes a long way. But how do you ensure your child is nourished when they’ve been instructed to fast after midnight? ClearFast might be the answer! More and more modern research points to the fact that working a carb-rich, clear preop drink into your surgery prep routine can make a huge difference in patient comfort and safety before and after surgery. Rather than showing up to surgery starved and dehydrated, ClearFast acts as a liquid food, safely nourishing your child before their oral surgery. This means they can say goodbye to multiple, painful IV “sticks” (which happens as a result of dehydration). Plus, ClearFast is proven to greatly reduce post-op nausea and vomiting—so you won’t have to worry about paying for a car detail job after you drive your child home. Be sure to ask your doctor if working ClearFast into your child’s oral surgery prep is right for their procedure.

  1. Prepare your home for recovery

Preparing for wisdom teeth removal is all about being proactive. Before you head into surgery, make sure you’ve prepared a cozy, comfortable, safe recovery area for your child. They’ll likely be instructed to keep their head elevated, so have a spot set up either on a couch or bed where you can prop pillows. Collect items they’ll need (water, kleenex, ice-packs, television remote, etc.) and store them within arm’s length of their resting spot—having everything set up and ready to go for your recovering patient will mean fewer hollers of “Mom!” or “Dad!” down the hallway while you’re trying to juggle work, housework and a million other to-do’s.

Overall, preparing for wisdom teeth removal comes down to taking simple, smart, proactive steps before your child’s oral surgery. Be sure to talk to your doctor about ClearFast, and, with their approval, order your ClearFast Preop Drink here to get a major leg up on the dreaded wisdom-teeth removal and recovery process. As always, reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions about our preop drink at all!

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