Osmolarity & Preop Carb Loading: ClearFast vs. Traditional Sports Drinks

Osmolarity Preop Carb Loading ClearFast

Every day, we’re learning more about why fasting before surgery isn’t a physician’s friend. More and more modern medical research is leading hospitals and medical professionals to one conclusion: they have to hydrate and nourish their patients before surgery for better outcomes.

Inevitably, some people immediately think of sports drinks for pre-surgery nourishment and hydration—but the truth is sports drinks don’t even come close to cutting it. They’re inadequate for enhanced recovery, don’t nourish, aren’t clear & colorless, and have a high osmolarity that delays gastric emptying (which reintroduces the danger that the traditional “no food or drink after midnight” rule was trying to avert). Plus, not only is the osmolarity higher, but the standard size sports drink is 20 oz vs. ClearFast’s 12 oz. Learn more about ClearFast’s benefits (as compared to leading sports drinks below), and be sure to check out our blog post on why sports drinks don’t cut it for enhanced recovery.

Osmolarity ClearFast vs. Others

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