Life Hack for Hydrating Fast: 3 Unexpected Ways Consumers are Using ClearFast

ClearFast for Hydrating Fast

Life Hack for Hydrating Fast: 3 Unexpected Ways Consumers are Using ClearFast

ClearFast was developed and formulated to offer medical-grade nutrition before surgery…so, needless to say, we were recently surprised to learn that so many of our customers have figured out how to use ClearFast, not just pre-surgery, but as an overall lifehack for hydrating fast. Today, we’re going to touch on:

  • Using ClearFast for exercise in place of sugary sports drinks
  • Using ClearFast when you have a cold or the flu
  • Using ClearFast as an immune booster when you travel

Now, let’s dig in…

From globetrotters to carb-loaders, it turns out the ClearFast community has come up with tons of interesting, effective ways to use our product. (You all are so smart!) Read on for 3 unexpected ways to use ClearFast for nourishing, recovering and hydrating fast.

  1. Using ClearFast After Exercise

From cyclists to hot yogis, we’ve found that many of our customers are active exercisers who use ClearFast for hydrating fast and overall recovery after exercise. With complex carbs for nourishment, electrolytes for hydration, Vitamin A for tissue function, and Zinc & L-Citrulline for healing, it’s easy to see why ClearFast is great post-yoga, post-cycle, post-run or post-sweat of any kind! It helps your body replenish and repair, while offering the hydration and complex carbs that sugary sports drinks can’t match. Plus, it’s gluten free and clear and colorless (so you don’t have to worry about ingesting bright-blue or neon-orange dyes).

  1. Using ClearFast with the Cold or Flu

Liquids are the thing we need most when we’re feeling under the weather—but are the simple sugars from sports drinks really all that great for your already weakened body? The short answer is no (and you can read more about why sports drinks don’t cut it here). Plus, when we’re sick our appetite tends to be suppressed, so we need an easy solution for hydrating fast and nourishing ourselves. While water’s always great (can’t argue with good ol’ H20), it doesn’t offer all of the nourishment you need when you’re living off of a diet of crackers and soup. With 44 grams of complex carbs and an easy-to-drink taste, ClearFast is a great solution for those who need quick hydration and nourishment…but who can’t exactly keep down a gallon of water and a steak dinner. Plus, ClearFast contains Zinc & L-Citrulline, which help promote healing.

  1.  Using ClearFast when you Travel

Suitcase? Boarding pass? I.D.? ClearFast? Loaded with electrolytes, drinking ClearFast before or after you hop on a plane is a great way to combat the dehydration that occurs as a result of plane rides. Plus, the selenium in ClearFast helps promote immune function—so you can rest easy knowing you’re extra protected from that germ-laden tray table (we know, it makes us cringe too). We can’t promise it will make the kid behind you stop kicking your seat…but we’re working on that next. Promise.

A Solution for Hydrating Fast

Overall, from a post-hot yoga pick-me-up to an immune boost before plane rides, we were so surprised (and delighted!) to hear all about the different ways the clever ClearFast community is using our preop drink. After all, the strength your body needs to enter surgery is often the same strength your body needs after a seriously sweaty workout, while recovering from the flu, on a germ-laden plane, or even—yes—on the morning of a rough hangover (paired with a greasy cheeseburger, of course). It’s all about nourishment, hydration, complex carbs and steering clear of added dyes and simple sugar.

Ready for a simple solution for nourishing and hydrating fast when you need it most…whether that’s before surgery or after cycling? Order your ClearFast Preop Drink here, or reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions about how to use ClearFast at all.

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