Liquid Fasting for Orthopedics Patients, Diabetics and More: The Unique Benefits of ClearFast for Different Types of Surgery


Liquid Fasting for Orthopedics Patients, Diabetics and More: The Unique Benefits of ClearFast for Different Types of Surgery

Fluid fasting before surgery offers a number of valuable benefits for patients across the board—like reduced post-op nausea and vomiting, and a less stressful surgery experience—but today we wanted to break down the specific benefits of fluid fasting as they apply to different service lines. From liquid fasting for orthopedics patients to liquid fasting for diabetics, preparing for surgery with a complex carb-rich preop drink like ClearFast provides a distinct set of benefits for different types of procedures. Today, we’ll cover:

  • How ClearFast reduces an orthopedics patient’s risk of infection
  • How ClearFast makes for safer surgeries for diabetics
  • How ClearFast helps to hydrate and nourish dehydrated colorectal & colonoscopy patients

Now, let’s dig in…

Liquid Fasting for Orthopedics Patients

The unique problem: Increased risk of Infection

Fasting from midnight, which was never evidence-based, induces a catabolic state where the normal relationship between insulin and glucose are uncoupled. To compensate for the lack of “fuel” brought on by fasting, the body uses up its critical glycogen stores and then begins to breakdown fat and muscle as alternative energy sources. Insulin levels rise in response to rising glucose levels, but target cells (including muscle) fail to respond to it. In effect, patients become insulin resistant.

Following surgery, this post-op insulin resistance (PIR) can translate into hyperglycemia, which increases the chance of surgical site infections, as the “sweet environment” invites microbial colonization. Orthopedic patients are at an especially high risk of surgical site infection and joint infections because of the added vulnerability of blood supply to injured or surgically manipulated bones and joints—in addition to the inherent risk associated with implantation technology. The two main potential infection sites are broken bones and the area of surgical incision.

The solution ClearFast provides: Reduced risk of Hyperglycemia and Infection

Liquid fasting for orthopedics patients assures nutrition, hydration and maintenance of electrolytes. It effectively protects or spares critical glycogen stores. Nourishing orthopedic patients with a preop drink like ClearFast in the immediate pre-op window will stabilize blood sugars—ultimately reducing a patient’s risk of hyperglycemia and any associated infection.

Liquid Fasting for Diabetics

The unique problem: Starving a diabetic patient before surgery is extremely dangerous

A prolonged fast ultimately sends a patient’s body into a catabolic state (the body uses up its glycogen stores when it needs energy before surgery and then moves on to breaking down healthy fat and muscle tissue as an alternative energy source). This isn’t ideal for the average healthy patient—let alone for someone managing diabetes. For diabetics, this catabolic state can lead to serious complications—like a diabetic arriving in preop with complications like hyperglycemia and even ketoacidosis. In essence, a prolonged fast before surgery completely ignores—rather than works with—a diabetics’ unique dietary needs, which creates an extremely dangerous environment for surgery. (You can read more about preparing for surgery with diabetes here.)

The solution ClearFast provides: Effectively manages blood sugar levels before, during, and after surgery

Preparing diabetics for surgery with the complex carbs they need for energy helps to ensure their body isn’t using up all of those ever-important glycogen stores. This ultimately helps a diabetic proactively manage his or her blood-sugar levels (rather than being at the mercy of the “from midnight” fast)—reducing their risk of dangerous conditions like pre-op hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis and post-op insulin resistance.

Liquid Fasting for Colorectal/Colonoscopies

The unique problem: Extreme dehydration before surgery + foul-tasting prep liquid

Colonoscopies are one of the most common procedures in the U.S.—and preparing for one is a unique challenge for patients. A pre-op fast from midnight starves and dehydrates every patient, but colonoscopy patients are especially taxed due to the stressful effects of colonoscopy prep. With a prep routine that flushes fluid from the body, patients lose nearly all electrolytes—which is extremely dehydrating and dangerous. Add in the fact that the colonoscopy prep liquid tastes terrible, and you’ve got a recipe for an unnecessarily negative and stressful patient experience.

The solution ClearFast provides: Medical-grade hydration for colonoscopy patients and an easy way to drink the prep-liquid

Clear, colorless and chock-full of complex carbs (as opposed to dyed sports drinks that contain simple sugars), the ClearFast preop drink is a safe solution for properly hydrating and nourishing colorectal and colonoscopy patients. Drinking ClearFast before surgery—especially for colorectal patients undergoing unpleasant prep—assures partial restoration of electrolytes. Easy to drink and delicious when chilled, ClearFast is also a great option for patients struggling to drink the foul-tasting colonoscopy prep liquid, as they can “chase” the prep liquid with the better tasting ClearFast preop drink. Plus, drinking ClearFast before a colonoscopy increases comfort before the procedure and reduces a patient’s risk of post-op nausea and vomiting after their procedure.


Overall, whether it’s liquid fasting for orthopedics patients, diabetics or colorectal/colonoscopy patients, preparing patients with a complex carb-rich preop beverage like ClearFast can successfully address each of the unique challenges and inherent risks associated with a number of procedures across an array of medical fields. Whether you’re a patient looking to properly nourish and hydrate before surgery, or a medical provider seeking safer surgeries and better surgical outcomes, you can order your ClearFast Preop Drink here to help you achieve surgery success! And, as always, reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions about our preop drink at all.

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