What Should I Do With My Leftover ClearFast? The Top 4 Non-Surgery Uses for Carbohydrate Drinks

uses for carbohydrate drinks clearfast

Turns out, Thanksgiving leftovers aren’t the only leftovers worth getting creative with. There are lots of reasons you might have a spare bottle of the ClearFast carbohydrate beverage in your fridge—whether you bought extra bottles on purpose like so many of our customers do, or simply didn’t use as much of our presurgery drink as you thought you would before your procedure—but the important thing is you don’t let all of that extra hydration go to waste. Today, we’re talking what to do with your extra ClearFast bottles and offering up some top non-surgery uses for carbohydrate drinks


  1. Exercise Hydration

Exercise hydration is probably one of the most popular uses for carbohydrate drinks. If you’re planning to hit the gym as you prep for holiday season (bring on the pecan pie!), you’ll lose water and electrolytes as you sweat. Having that leftover ClearFast either before or after your workout, then, is a great way to refuel your body with the electrolytes it needs for hydration and complex carbohydrates it needs for energy. Plus, because ClearFast is formulated as a presurgery drink, it offers a level of medical-grade hydration you won’t find anywhere else (especially in sugary sports drinks that are chock-full of simple sugars and harmful colored dyes). Psst…planning on taking your fitness commitment to the next level and running a holiday marathon? Check out our post on using ClearFast to carb-load for optimal athletic performance


  1. Cold & Flu

When it comes to uses for carbohydrate drinks, this one is so powerful—and yet so often overlooked. After all, Mom always said, “fluids, fluids, fluids”—and we couldn’t agree more. If you find yourself feeling a bit under the weather during these colder months, use that extra bottle of the ClearFast carbohydrate beverage to get medical-grade hydration and liquid nourishment. When you’re sick, your appetite tends to be really suppressed—which is why a presurgery drink like ClearFast is the perfect solution for ensuring your body gets the nourishment, minerals, and healing properties it needs…without having to struggle to keep down a heavy meal. 


  1. Before or After a Plane Flight

Ever walk off the plane and feel like you’ve been traveling through the desert for days? That’s because of the cold, dry recycled air (no, thank you). Using that leftover bottle of the ClearFast enhanced recovery drink to combat the dehydration that occurs as a result of plane rides, then, is one of our favorite non-surgery uses for carbohydrate drinks. The selenium in ClearFast also helps promote healthy immune function, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not only hydrated, but—even more importantly—extra protected from that germ-laden tray table and seat-belt buckle. 


  1. Hangover Cure

The holidays are coming up and, for many us, that can mean we’re going to imbibe a bit (eggnog, anyone?). We all know that having too much to drink can cause some serious dehydration—and that dehydration is the main cause of those dreaded hangovers. If you happen to have a few too many glasses of bubbly at that upcoming holiday party, not to worry—simply drink that chilled leftover bottle of ClearFast first thing in the morning to quickly kick off your recovery and rehydration. 




Overall, when it comes to non-surgery uses for carbohydrate drinks, it’s all about hydration and liquid nourishment. Whether you’re traveling on a plane to your holiday destination, working hard to meet your pre-holiday fitness goal, or are simply feeling a bit under the weather as the temperatures drop, there are tons of times that the minerals, nutrients, and electrolytes in that spare bottle of ClearFast you have sitting in your fridge will save the day. And, when you’re ready to stock back up, you can order your ClearFast Presurgery Drink here!

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