How To Prepare For Your Colonoscopy with CF(Rehydrate)®

Colonoscopy Prep Drink

Let’s be honest—colonoscopy prep is no fun. In fact, a staggering number of colonoscopies (75% to be exact) are rescheduled every year because patients simply can’t get through the grueling prep process. Poor-tasting prep liquid and extreme dehydration mean even the most well-intentioned patients often stop three-quarters of the way through and can’t complete a proper prep. This leads to a missed procedure and a rescheduled date to have to do it all over again soon. (Are you exhausted yet?) 

At ClearFast, our team of nutritionists and scientists knew there was a better way, so we added CF(Rehydrate)®  to our ever-evolving line of premium clinical nutrition products with the goal of helping patients take back power over the dreaded colonoscopy prep process. Read on to learn more about how our colonoscopy prep drink delivers cleaner ingredients and a better all-around prep.

What is CF(Rehydrate)®?

The latest evolution in our line of clean clinical nutrition, CF(Rehydrate)® is a natural electrolyte replacement drink designed to deliver medical-grade hydration during the colonoscopy prep process. Free from artificial colors, flavors, and sugars, it delivers the electrolytes and essential hydration you can’t get from using water alone for your prep, without the harmful additives found in sports drinks and sugary alternatives.

How do I use CF(Rehydrate)® for colonoscopy prep?

Great question! Our colonoscopy prep drink is pretty darn tasty when chilled and super easy to use. You’ll want to grab a  colonoscopy prep kit and follow the below instructions:

If your colonoscopy prep is powder…

Use CF(Rehydrate)® to dissolve your colonoscopy prep powder:

  • Add your colonoscopy prep powder to 64-oz (2 bottles) of CF(Rehydrate)®
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Drink one 8 oz. glass every 15 minutes over a 2-hour period (or follow your doctor’s specific drinking
  • instructions)

If your colonoscopy prep is a liquid…

Use CF(Rehydrate)® as a “chaser” to help your colonoscopy prep liquid go down smoother:

  • Follow your doctor’s colonoscopy prep instructions
  • “Chase” each sip of your colonoscopy prep liquid with 1-2 sips of CF(Rehydrate)®
  • Drink any remaining contents of CF(Rehydrate)® up to two hours prior to your procedure

What’s in CF(Rehydrate)®? 

CF(Rehydrate)® has a perfect balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and essential minerals to offer fast and effective rehydration for times you just gotta go clinical. It’s chock-full of: 

  • Sodium for fluid balance & retention (which is especially important as you lose fluids during colonoscopy prep)
  • Zinc for immune support
  • Magnesium for healthy muscle function
  • Filtered Water for hydration
  • Potassium for cell hydration and enhanced nerve function
  • L-Citrulline for nourishment and healthy circulation 

How is it better than my other options?

Just like everything we craft at CF Nutrition, CF(Rehydrate)® was formulated with the goal of giving your body the nutrients it needs, in the simplest and most effective form—without any of the harmful additives that slow you down. Here’s how it’s different:

  • Made for this: Rather than grabbing a sugary sports drink or repurposing a children’s option as a colonoscopy prep drink—CF(Rehydrate)® offers a solution meant for the exact thing you’re experiencing. Formulated to deliver clinical, medical-grade rehydration during events like colonoscopies—CF(Rehydrate)® offers added electrolytes to replenish the ones you lose during elimination, a refreshing-as-ever flavor that masks any foul-tasting prep powder, and an easy-to-use two-bottle bundle that you simply add your own laxative to. 
  • Only the good stuff: Vegan, gluten-free, and kosher, we make our colonoscopy prep drink right here at our own facility in Atlanta, Georgia—without any artificial colors, flavors, or sugars. It offers a natural source of sugar (sans syrups and synthetics) and was specifically designed to help you nourish and replenish your body during the grueling (but necessary) life events like the dreaded colonoscopy.


Ready to show syrupy drinks the door and use doctor-trusted, patient-preferred premium clinical nutrition for your colonoscopy prep instead? You can order CF(Rehydrate)® here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all. We’re always here and happy to help!

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