Are CF Nutrition Products Meant for Weight Loss?

It’s no big secret that many of us strive to achieve weight loss—and finding the right approach to achieving a healthy weight can be difficult. Unfortunately, many diets available restrict proportions of fats, carbohydrates, or calories. This can make them very unsustainable and sometimes, more harmful than helpful to our health. Most of the time, restrictive diets lead to deprivation, guilt, giving in, and returning to original patterns and weight—which leaves you feeling discouraged and upset. 

Today on the blog, we break down how incorporating some of CF Nutrition’s products can help you achieve weight loss when paired with a balanced diet and consistent exercise. Because, the truth is, it is best to achieve weight loss by providing your body with all the nutrients it needs to feel energized to take on daily tasks. Although not designed for weight loss, CF Nutrition’s products contain healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants, plant-based protein, and hydration to adequately nourish and replenish your body. 

How might CF Nutrition’s products help me lose weight?

      Swapping out high-calorie products with lower-calorie options is one way to achieve a caloric deficit—which in turn, leads to weight loss. In America, liquid calories make up a large portion of daily caloric intake for a lot of people. From your favorite morning coffee to your glass of wine at night, liquid calories tend to add up, leading to weight gain. Switching to lower calorie options (that are beneficial to your health) may help you lose weight. CF Nutrition products range from 40 to 200 calories per serving. Not only that, they are actually beneficial to your health, rather than just providing “empty calories”.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits that few of our products can provide.

  • At just 40 calories per serving, CF(Rehydrate)® efficiently hydrates your body by rapidly replenishing electrolytes, especially after working out or being in the heat.
  • CF(Rehydrate)®Immunity+, just 60 calories per 16 ounces serving, has all the benefits of CF(Rehydrate)® plus an additional dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc to help support your immune system.
  • CF(Protein)® has 200 calories per bottle but it is packed with 13 grams of fiber, omega 3’s, and 13 grams of plant protein which will help you meet your protein needs, keep your heart healthy, and allow you to feel full longer. And let’s be real – this is still less than that delicious latte you consume each morning.

Another factor that may prevent weight loss is consuming too much added sugars. Excess consumption of added sugars is a significant factor that can eventually lead to obesity and diabetes. Ensuring you are limiting your added sugars is crucial to your weight loss journey. All of CF Nutrition’s products contain 0-4 grams of added sugar. So, when you feel thirsty for something other than water, try one of CF Nutrition’s products to quench your thirst without packing on the pounds. Swapping out your typical drink filled with sugar and calories with CF(Rehydrate)® or CF(Rehydrate)®Immunity+  will help you in your weight loss journey. 

Can increasing my protein intake help with weight loss?

Ensuring you are meeting your protein needs is another factor that can help you achieve a healthy weight. CF(Protein)® contains 13 grams of pea protein and no added sugar. Consuming a clean plant-based protein drink like CF(Protein)® may help you lose weight when combined with a nutritious eating pattern and a consistent exercise routine. Research shows that a high protein diet might promote healthy eating patterns and promote weight loss and fat loss. To put CF(Protein)®  to the test, we conducted a research study that involved participants drinking one CF(Protein)® a day for 6 weeks. Those who consumed one bottle per day improved overall body composition by reducing percent body fat, losing weight, and improving BMI. So, it’s safe to say CF(Protein)® can definitely help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

4 ways to eat healthily and how CF Nutrition products help you achieve these habits?

Here are our 4 main tips to promote weight loss without deprivation:

  1. ​Stay hydrated
  2. Eat healthy fats
  3. Choose clean protein 
  4. Choose less added sugar

With CF Nutrition’s products, you can easily incorporate all 4 of these habits into your day. Drinking CF(Rehydrate)®Immunity+ and CF(Rehydrate)® will provide your body with the electrolytes you need without the harmful additives found in other hydration products. Both CF(Rehydrate)®Immunity+ and CF(Rehydrate)® can help prevent dehydration and provide efficient recovery. CF(Protein)® contains healthy fats with chia seed oil and 13g of plant-based protein. All of CF Nutrition’s products are low in added sugar, unlike many of our competitors.  

How can I incorporate CF Nutrition’s products into my day to help with weight loss?

​ CF nutrition’s products are full of vitamins, minerals, medical-grade nutrition, omega 3’s, plant-based protein, and more. Consuming CF Nutrition’s products combined with well-balanced meals and physical activity will help promote your weight loss. Instead of grabbing a sugar-sweetened beverage after a workout, try one of CF Nutrition’s products to help nourish your body. Our products are low-calorie and every ingredient provides your body with some sort of benefit. CF Nutrition’s products contain the ideal ingredients to help you feel your best without the harmful additives in traditional sports drinks. 

Now that you know CF Nutrition’s products can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, what are you waiting for? Order today to start feeling your best!

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