CF Nutrition Pairs With Goldfinch Health to Help Reduce Opioid Use Post Surgery

The overuse of opioids after surgery has become a worldwide issue. Though important after surgery to reduce pain, opioids have become misused causing chronic use and addiction. Goldfinch Health has designed a program to help reduce the use of opioids post surgery. They have teamed up with CF Nutrition to include CF(Preop)® as part of their Prepared for Surgery Toolkit. Today, we break down what the program and kit entails and how it may help millions with opioid addiction. 

What is the Billion Pill Pledge Program?

The Billion Pill Pledge Program was designed to help reduce the need for opioids post surgery. Opioids are important and serve a purpose in reducing pain after surgery. However, over the years, the use of opioids after surgery has developed into misuse and addiction affecting the lives of many. The mission of the Billion Pill Pledge Program is to help resolve this crisis by implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) protocols, like the use of CF(Preop)®, to reduce the need for opioids. The Billion Pill Pledge Program is currently in the pilot phase and has rolled out into 4 rural hospitals in Iowa. 

The program was designed by Goldfinch Health and the cofounder John Greenwood aims to remove billions of unused opioids with the program. With this program, patients are given a care package before their procedure.

 The care package includes:

  • Ice and heat packs
  • A drug disposal bag
  • One bottle of CF(Preop)®

The goal of the kit is to reduce pain using non-addictive procedures so that the need for opioids is eliminated or at least reduced. 

How will CF(Preop)® help reduce opioid use?

The intention of Goldfinch Health in including CF(Preop)® is to help the patient’s pain tolerance. CF(Preop)® is a clear, colorless drink specifically formulated by an anesthesiologist for safe consumption hours before surgery. CF(Preop)®  is formulated for surgery and meets the ASA® requirements to make it safe for consumption before your surgery. Choosing to drink CF(Preop)® before your surgery helps you feel back to normal as soon as possible. 

The main ERAS® principles include protocols for preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care. All ERAS® protocols aim to lessen the body’s response to surgical trauma and maintain normal physiological function during surgery. Preoperative carbohydrate loading with CF(Preop)® is one of the preoperative principles of ERAS®. The American Society of Anesthesia has promoted the use of clear carbohydrate beverages up to 2 hours before surgery to help reduce dehydration among patients. 

Non-opioid oral analgesia NSAID is one of the postoperative protocols in ERAS®.  The more ERAS® principles observed throughout the patient’s surgical journey, the better the chances for a smooth recovery with reduced complications. All ERAS® protocols are evidence-based and require patient education as well as a knowledgeable team approach. 

CF Nutrition is beyond excited to be a part of the Billion Pill Pledge Initiative to help save the lives of many and reduce the opioid crisis worldwide.

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