Prepare Your Patient for Surgery With CF Nutrition

At CF Nutrition, our goal is to help prepare your patient for surgery with premium nutrition beverages. Our mission is to use clean ingredients you can feel good about giving to your patients and we do not use any artificial ingredients or dyes. We know that surgery can be a stressful time so our products are designed to help reduce the surgical response of surgery and improve surgical outcomes. We have a full product suite that provides support to your patient before, during, and after their procedure.

Provide CF(Protein)® in the weeks leading up to surgery:

CF(Protein)® is a plant-based protein drink that provides a concentrated dose of natural electrolytes, antioxidants, and essential fats. CF(Protein)® is a great choice for anyone who is preparing for, or recovering from an operation. Plant protein is the modern way to give your body the best nutrients with the lowest impact on your digestive system.

Each CF(Protein)® has 13g of protein per bottle. So, depending on what else your patient is eating or drinking, and their specific protein needs, consuming 1 to 2 CF(Protein)® drinks per day can help ensure your patient is optimizing their nutrition prior to surgery. Prior to surgery, drinking 1-2 bottles per day (in addition to a well-balanced diet) for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery, will help your patient feel strong and well-nourished for their operation. 

Some benefits of drinking CF(Protein)® are:

·      Promote muscle maintenance, repair, and recovery

·      Strengthen the immune system

·      Reduce risk of malnourishment

·      Antioxidants & anti-inflammatory ingredients

·      Concentrated nutrition on-the-go

·      Healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fats

·      Naturally derived vitamins & minerals

·      Essential amino acids

·      Natural fiber sources

·      No artificial colors or flavors

·      Shelf-stable

·      Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, Dairy-Free

·      Convenient on-the-go protein source

Recommend CF(Preop)® the night before and morning of surgery:

CF(Preop)® is a clear, colorless drink specifically formulated by an anesthesiologist for safe consumption in the hours before surgery. Each of its premium ingredients has been intentionally chosen to promote the highest level of presurgery safety, comfort, and nourishment.

It takes approximately 90 minutes for the oral carbohydrate solution to pass the stomach. Solid foods can be ingested up to 6 hours prior to surgery. The amount of carbohydrate to induce an effect must be enough to shift the body from a fasted to a fed state (50g carbohydrates 2 hours prior to surgery). There is no protein or fat in CF(Preop)® in order for it to safely empty your patient’s stomach before surgery. If your patient has delayed gastric emptying due to an underlying condition, CF(Preop)®  should be consumed 3-4 hours before the procedure. 

Provide CF(Rehydrate)®  or CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+ after surgery:

After surgery, patients are oftentimes very dehydrated and can only have clear liquids. The intentional formulation behind both CF(Rehydrate)® and CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+ replenishes lost fluids and essential electrolytes. CF(Rehydrate)® and CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+ also has an ideal combination of carbohydrates and sodium to help you recover quicker. Recommending either post surgery can help promote recovery and hydration. 

Now that you know CF Nutrition offers a wide variety of products to help improve surgical outcomes, head to our website to purchase or receive samples!

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