ClearFast PreOp® is a presurgery drink…

A complex carbohydrate drink that safely hydrates & nourishes in the hours before surgery and colonoscopies. ClearFast PreOp® can decrease infection rates, lower anxiety, reduce nausea & vomiting and speed up recovery!

Why Do I Need a PreOp Carbohydrate Drink?

Surgery is a big deal – ClearFast PreOp® makes it better. Whether it’s calming your nerves on the big day, or helping you avoid a nasty mess on the car ride home, hydrating & nourishing your body with a complex carbohydrate drink creates the ideal conditions for a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery!

Hydrate & Nourish

You wouldn’t face any important challenge starved and dehydrated – surgery is no different. Drinking ClearFast PreOp® is a safe, delicious way to maintain your preop fast.

Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

Surgery is a stressful time, and extreme hunger only makes that worse. Nourishing your body can ease some of that preop stress and help you feel calm.

Decrease Infection

Starving yourself raises your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar plus a surgical incision is the perfect recipe for infection. Complex carb loading stabilizes blood sugars, lowering your chance of infection!

Reduce Nausea & Vomiting

Nourishing your body with complex carbohydrates can ease the nauseating effects of starvation, dehydration and anesthesia drugs.

Speed Up Recovery

Complex carb loading before surgery decreases muscle breakdown and can shorten your length of stay in the hospital by several days!

Lower Stomach Acids

Drinking clear fluids up to 2 hours before surgery has been shown to flush harmful stomach acids leaving you with an emptier stomach than if you drank nothing at all.

Give yourself the best chance at a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. Don’t have surgery without ClearFast PreOp®!

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