The only real option for perioperative nutrition in your enhanced recovery protocol is a delicious, trusted, ready-to-drink, complex carb rich preop drink: ClearFast PreOp®. Similar products fall short on taste, ease of use, and healing properties. And we all know by now that sports drinks aren’t an option – you don’t need a medical degree to know that patients shouldn’t prep for surgery with dyed sugar water

No.. ClearFast and Ensure® Presurgery Clear are not the same. Some would like to create a false equivalency between the two products, but it just isn’t there. Here are the key differences:




Presurgery Clear


ClearFast contains L-Citrulline & Vitamin A, ingredients associated
with wound healing and nitric oxide production.

No L-Citrulline
or Vitamin A

Clear & Colorless

To comply with ASA® preoperative
fasting guidelines for clear liquids.

Tinted Liquid

Is not totally clear and colorless…

2 Delicious

Watermelon and White Grape!
Read our rave reviews on Amazon

One Flavor,
Poorly Reviewed

Patients don’t enjoy the taste.
Read reviews of it here

Simple 2
Bottle Protocol

One bottle the night before, one two hours before.
It’s an easy, realisitc protocol with great
hydration and nourishment benefits.

Unrealistic 3
Bottle Protocol

Very few patients will actually set an alarm
and rise in the middle of the night to drink
a 3rd bottle… it ends up in the trash.

Debunking the Pricing Myth – ClearFast does not cost $6 per bottle!
Hospitals receive special pricing of $3.50 per bottle with volume
discounts bringing the per bottle cost even lower!

Taste, Ease of Use, & Cost

In a side by side comparison, ClearFast was chosen for
its superior taste over the competitors.
There is absolutely no need for flavor enhancers which helps avoid the
danger that a patient might use an inappropriately colored, off-the-shelf flavor additive.
The benefit of great taste helps patients stick with ASA® fasting guidelines.
Avoiding flavor additives also adds to the ease of use (ClearFast is ready to drink)
and keeps the cost to just the product … no extras!

Safe & Tested

  • • Proven: ClearFast has been safely and effectively used by hundreds of hospitals across the nation for years.

Ready To Drink

  • • Transitioning from NPO is hard enough without added obstacles. A ready-to-drink bottle with simple instructions lives the best chance of patient and staff compliance.
  • • Powders are an incomplete solution – They pass along the mixing, measuring, chilling and timing to your patients. They may be cheaper to buy, but you pay for them when patient mixing errors trigger case cancellation.

Made for ERP’s

  • • A real Enhanced Recovery program deserves a real Enhanced Recovery drink free from protein, milk, fat & colored dyes.
  • • Most sports drinks aren’t actually clear, and they are loaded with sugar, not complex carbs.
  • • Adult nutrition drinks may work for long-term preop nutrition, but are not designed for the immediate preop fasting window like ClearFast.

Taste & Healing

  • • Taste matters to patients! Give them something unpleasant to drink, and many will go off of the pathway.
  • • ClearFast is a light, refreshing, natural beverage that patients love. It comes in two beautiful flavors, White Grape & Watermelon, and additional flavors are in development.
  • • Always use a preop drink that contains L-Citrulline. Healing is everything!