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When we launched our flagship drink, CF(Preop)®, we helped care providers significantly improve outcomes and the recovery journey for tens of millions of surgical patients each year. That experience allowed us to learn from registered dietitians, nurses, and doctors about the specific clinical nutrition drinks that they wished they could offer their patients. The requests from care providers aligned with patients/consumer requests: clean natural ingredients, good flavoring (taste), choice, and affordability.

Currently in the U.S., the annual clinical nutrition market is sizable at $9 billion and is inexplicably dominated by big Pharma. Nearly all of their products consist of decades-old drink formulations containing dirty, artificial ingredients that are poor in taste and mouthfeel, and that most patients struggle to tolerate. We observed divergence between growing consumer nutrition trends of “good for you / good tasting” and the current state of the market.

We see opportunity to deliver valuable, modern clinical nutrition drinks to providers and consumers at a fair price.

We see opportunity to deliver value to our shareholders by aligning with strong consumer trends and challenging legacy players in a mature but dysfunctional market.

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