Set Your Body Up For Success: Proactive Surgery Prep with the Right Presurgery Drink

Set Your Body Up For Success: Proactive Surgery Prep with the Right Preop Drink

Going under the knife is never fun—but fortunately there is one major surgery-prep step you can take to help your ensure you enter surgery more relaxed, come out of surgery more comfortable and recover faster. Today, we’ll cover:  

  • Drinking ClearFast before your surgery to:
    • Reduce dehydration and hunger
    • Make for easier, less painful IV “sticks”
    • Reduce post-op nausea and vomiting
    • Get an edge on recovery

Now, let’s dig in…

Anyone who’s undergone anesthesia knows the scene: you’ve spent the night restless and anxious about your upcoming surgery, you’re nervous and uncomfortable (and could really use that all-important cup of morning coffee you’ve had to skip), you’re getting poked and prodded with IVs…and to top it off, YOU’RE STARVING. Could it get any worse?

An estimated 232 million surgeries are performed worldwide each year, and, as many of us know, we tend to write surgery off as an experience that will be inevitably terrible, no matter what. Because of this, we often never even consider taking steps to make surgery prep and surgery recovery more comfortable for ourselves. But, the truth is, going under doesn’t have to look and feel like the all-too-familiar scene above. The key to minimizing discomfort lies in being proactive and setting our bodies up for success—rather than leaving our surgery experience up to chance.

Think about it like preparing for a marathon—you’d never show up starving, dehydrated and ill-prepared for the big run, right? No—you’d make sure your body had all of the support it needed before it took on such a big challenge. We like to look at surgery the same way—your body is about to undergo a tremendous amount of stress. Because of this, it needs to be in the best state possible for your procedure: 1) so that you’re comfortable going under the knife, and 2) so that you can recover as fast as possible.

The key to proper surgery prep and comfortable surgery recovery all comes down to nourishment, which is why medical professionals are now replacing the traditional no-food-or-drink-after-midnight rule with the instructions to instead consumer a pre-op beverage like ClearFast. By working the right preop drink into your fasting before surgery routine, you can safely and properly nourish your body for surgery (and get a huge edge on recovery).

Preparing for Surgery with the ClearFast Preop Drink

By nourishing your body with the ClearFast preop drink, you reap a number of benefits that start well before you’re ever wheeled into the operating room:

  • Reduced Dehydration & Hunger

Dehydration before anesthesia is a recipe for disaster. Fasting before surgery the old way (no food or drink after midnight) leaves you hungry and dehydrated. Fasting before surgery with the the right preop drink, though, is a safe way to ensure your body is hydrated, nourished and in the best state possible for anesthesia. ClearFast acts as a “liquid food”, which means it provides your body all of the complex carbs and nourishment it needs for a more comfortable surgery experience.

  • Reduced Anxiety and Emotional Stress

Heading into surgery is never fun—especially when you’re starved and thirsty. Rich in complex carbs and free of simple sugars and colored dyes, the ClearFast preop drink works to reduce the stress and anxiety that come along with surgery. In a large controlled study, patients in the pre-op area who drank ClearFast were 5.5-6.5 times more likely to describe themselves as “comfortable” than those who underwent traditional fasting from midnight.

  • Easier IV “Sticks”

Hate being poked and prodded with IVs? Notice it’s often worse right before you go under the knife? That’s because dehydration leads to reduced blood flow, which can often mean multiple, painful IV sticks. Many ClearFast customers report easier, pain-free and one-time-only needle sticks as a result of using our preop drink while preparing for surgery.

Recovering from Surgery with the ClearFast Preop Drink

Not only does ClearFast set you up for success before you’re on the operating table, it also plays a major role in a smoother, faster, more comfortable recovery after surgery:

  • Reduced Post-Op Nausea and Vomiting

Fasting before surgery is largely responsible for the nausea and vomiting so many patients experience after undergoing anesthesia. Time and time again, ClearFast customers who, in the past experienced nausea and vomiting after waking from surgery, report that taking the ClearFast preop drink completely eliminated this problem for them.

Ready to set your body up for surgery success? Drinking ClearFast is such a simple and easy way to get a major leg up on the dreaded surgery and recovery process. Order your ClearFast Preop Drink here, or reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions about the process at all. Our goal, as always, is to help patients enter into and awake from surgery in the best, most comfortable physical and emotional state possible—we can’t wait to answer any questions you may have.

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