Our Customers

ClearFast is used every day in hundreds of the Nation’s top hospitals. Doctors and nurses rely on ClearFast to deliver their patients in optimal physical and emotional condition on the day of their surgery or procedure. Below we invite you to read what doctors, nurses, and patients are saying about ClearFast!


“At 70+ years old with significant diverticulitis, I have had many dreaded colonoscopy preps. My last experience was totally different thanks to just 3 bottles of ClearFast PreOp. I would like to share “my recipe for success”:

1) Do not chill the prep and drink it through a straw;

2) After each 8 oz. dose of prep, sip 2-3 oz of chilled ClearFast PreOp to clear your palate and nourish you;

3) At the end of the prep, enjoy a full bottle of chilled ClearFast PreOp;

4) By two hours before the procedure, finish the final bottle of ClearFast PreOp.

Results: I had a good night’s rest and woke up refreshed instead of totally dehydrated as I have in the past. Awaiting my procedure, I was amazingly comfortable and neither hungry nor thirsty. Even my IV stick was surprisingly easy! I no longer fear my next colonoscopy prep!”

– B. T.

“I despise the oral bowel prep. Last time, I drank ClearFast PreOp along with my prep…I ‘chased’ each 8 oz. dose of the prep solution with a few sips of ClearFast PreOp to get rid of the awful after taste. I had a full bottle of ClearFast PreOp following the full prep and a third dose at two hours before the colonoscopy. I felt great and will always repeat this routine in the future! For my last colonoscopy, I was stuck 7 times for my IV as I was so dehydrated. This last experience was a “1 stick miracle”! I have highly recommended ClearFast PreOp to any eligible patient.”

– A. S.

“Thank you so much for introducing me to ClearFast PreOp. Having to go through my first colonoscopy, my worst fear was not only having to drink the solution, but doing so on an empty stomach with the possibility of being nauseous! Sipping on ClearFast PreOp after each glass made it bearable, as it tastes good! And, it was comforting to know that it was full of nutrients.”

– P. C.

It tasted very good. I used it for my colonoscopy prep.


Took this the morning of surgery, no problems at all. Felt like cheating, but with a late surgery scheduled, these ridiculous archaic forms of cruel and unusual medieval punishment need to stop. ClearFast is just the answer for that.

– M. M.

“[ClearFast PreOp] really made the difference in my recovery. I felt alert and didn’t have nausea when I awoke from surgery. My friends were so impressed by my process, that 2 of them immediately scheduled their procedures after mine. Their results were just as amazing.”

– L. C.

“Absolutely a wonderful product. My husband used it as his clear liquid the day before a major surgery! He was not as hungry or anxious, and not dehydrated. The nurse did not have a problem starting his I.V. I even drank the first bottle as he told me ‘Oh, I am not drinking that stuff.’ So like you do with a child, I showed him it was good & drank one full bottle. Thanks so much!”

– N. M.

“I can always tell which patients have had ClearFast. They are always calm and comfortable, plus, they are ‘easy IV sticks.’ Why aren’t all patients having ClearFast?”

– Nurse Mary A.

“Patients just love having their ClearFast before surgery.Those who have had it before refuse to have another surgery without it.”

– Nurse Michele F.

“IV sticks are much easier as their veins pop right up!”

– Nurse Gudrun W.

“ClearFast seems to offer the key advantage of boosting the patient’s intravascular volume and is not immediately excreted like simple sugar drinks given pre-operatively. That is a real plus for our patients.”

– Dr. T