How to Heal Faster from Surgery: Using ClearFast to get an Edge on Recovery after Cosmetic Surgery

ClearFast heal faster from surgery

So you’ve made the courageous decision to go under the knife! No matter the type of nip or tuck you’ve opted for, if you’re brave enough to go under anesthesia for elective cosmetic surgery, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 17.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2016 alone, and 46% of cosmetics patients were repeat patients. If you’re one of those repeat patients, chances are you probably want to know how to heal faster from surgery so you can get to that all-exciting reveal that much quicker! Well, not to fear cosmetic gurus—we’ve got you covered. Today on the blog, we’re breaking down: 


  • How drinking ClearFast makes for an easier surgery prep process
  • How drinking ClearFast helps you heal faster from surgery, including: 
    • Reducing your risk of post-op infection
    • Reducing your risk of post-op nausea and vomiting


Now, let’s dig in…


How drinking ClearFast makes for easier surgery prep:

In recent years, more and more medical research has pointed to the fact that going under anesthesia starved and dehydrated is an unnecessary evil of the surgery prep process. Because of this, doctors and hospitals across the U.S. are now doing away with the old-school “fasting from midnight” instructions and, instead, recommending patients drink a clear, complex carb-rich beverage like the ClearFast presurgery drink instead. There are a number of reasons this makes for easier surgery prep, including: 


  • Your pre-op anxiety is reduced. No matter how many times you’ve gone under the knife for cosmetic enhancements, chances are you still feel a little nervous heading into your procedure. Those nerves are only exacerbated by the fact you have absolutely nothing in your stomach. The ClearFast presurgery drink, then, works to reduce the stress and anxiety that come along with being starved and dehydrated before surgery. In fact, in a large controlled study, patients in the pre-op area who drank ClearFast were 5.5-6.5 times more likely to describe themselves as “comfortable” than their cohorts who underwent the old-school fasting-from-midnight option.


  • You’re not starved and dehydrated. Heading into surgery is a bit like heading into a marathon—it makes no sense to deprive yourself of all-important hydration and complex carbs before you’re getting ready to undertake such major physical stress. ClearFast provides medical-grade hydration and acts as a liquid food, so your body has all of the nutrition it needs to go under the knife in the strongest state possible.


  • Your IV “sticks” are so much easier. Being poked and prodded with IVs is no fun. Have you ever noticed how it’s worse right before you go into surgery? That’s because dehydration from the old-school fasting-from-midnight instruction leads to reduced blood flow, which means it often takes your nurse multiple, painful IV sticks to find a good vein. ClearFast works to drastically reduce this problem by ensuring you’re properly hydrated before surgery and have healthy, easy-to-find veins!


How drinking ClearFast helps you heal faster from surgery:

Getting an edge on the recovery process means being proactive by properly preparing your body for your procedure before you go under. By drinking ClearFast before your surgery, you’re giving your body medical-grade nutrition and hydration…rather than sending it to battle starved and dehydrated as is the case with fasting-from-midnight. There are a number of significant ways ClearFast gives you a leg up on the dreaded recovery process, including: 


  • It reduces your chance of post-op nausea and vomiting. If you’re someone who wakes up from anesthesia sick to your stomach, you know just how frustrating post-op nausea and vomiting can be when you’re trying to get out of the hospital and onto the recovery process. It turns out that fasting before surgery is largely responsible for the nausea and vomiting so many patients experience after waking up from anesthesia.  But, ClearFast customers who, in the past experienced nausea and vomiting after waking from surgery, time and time again report that taking the ClearFast preop drink completely eliminated this problem for them. 



  • It decreases your risk of post-op infection: When you’re having a cosmetic procedure done, you want to heal faster from surgery and get back to normal activity as soon as you can! You don’t want to delay your big reveal because of an infection. Unfortunately, the old-school fasting-from-midnight method can increase your risk of surgical infection, as it ends up sending your body into a catabolic state. Essentially, this means that, to compensate for the lack of “fuel” brought on by fasting, your body uses up its glycogen stores and then begins to breakdown fat and muscle as alternative energy sources. Insulin levels rise in response to rising glucose levels and, in effect, you can become insulin-resistant. When you’re insulin-resistant after surgery and have a fresh surgical incision, the chance for infection greatly increases. Because ClearFast works to reduce your chance of becoming postoperative insulin resistant, it also reduces your risk of surgical infection.





Overall, for those who are undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries and want to heal faster from surgery and get a huge edge on recovery, there’s no better solution than preparing your body with ClearFast. If you’re ready to wake up from anesthesia feeling strong and ready for that big reveal, you can order your ClearFast Presurgery Drink here. And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all. We’re always happy to help!

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