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Chances are you’ve heard us talk about presurgery nutrition before—and, today, we’re so excited to help you add to that all-important presurgery nutrition plan with a clean protein drink. The newest member of the ClearFast family of products, CF Protein was formulated to finally offer patients a high-quality replacement for “junk” protein supplements and chalky protein milkshakes. Today, then, we’re talking all you need to know about this powerhouse clean protein drink—including how it helps you bounce back better after surgery. Read on for an empowered operation!


  1. We developed our clean protein drink to complete your presurgery nutrition plan.

ClearFast started with ClearFast PreOp, our original presurgery drink designed to take in the hours leading up to surgery, replacing the old-school “fasting from midnight” approach. When we added to our family of products, then, we wanted to create something that was just as high-quality and clean as ClearFast PreOp, but that was designed to drink the days and weeks leading up to a procedure, helping patients complete their presurgery nutrition plan. 


  1. All-natural ingredients matter.

At ClearFast, we’ve always prided ourselves on being a patient-forward company. Our goals are to empower patients, improve lives, enhance surgery experiences, and—above all—formulate with purpose. Our original ClearFast PreOp drink was formulated by a board-certified anesthesiologist who cares about patients and their well being. She saw patients were having a problem maintaining a from-midnight fast—and also realized that sending patients into surgery dehydrated and on empty stomachs wasn’t a great approach—and formulated something that has since been proven to enhance surgery experiences all around. Honoring her patient-forward and “formulate with purpose” approach is at the core of all that we do—and, for us, that meant developing a clean protein drink using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. 


  1. CF Protein was specifically designed to help strengthen your body in the weeks leading up to surgery.

Undergoing surgery malnourished can cause serious complications like infection and pneumonia. Supplementing a healthy diet with our clean protein drink in the weeks leading up to surgery can help you build a solid foundation for your upcoming procedure. We formulated CF Protein to give your body all of the support it needs at it prepares to endure the stress of surgery. (PRO TIP: You can even drink CF Protein after surgery to help your body gain strength and recover faster.)  The ingredients that help prepare your body for surgery include:


  • Plant Protein: A complete protein (containing all nine essential amino acids), yellow pea protein is easily digestible and a good source of iron.
  • Omega 3: The chia seed oil in CF Protein is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and contains high levels of antioxidants for skin and cell protection.
  • Turmeric: A natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, turmeric gives CF Protein its vibrant color.
  • L-Citrulline: This amino acid aids in muscle recovery and boosts nitric oxide production.
  • Vitamins & Electrolytes: The natural fruit juices in CF Protein are rich in Vitamin A & C, potassium and calcium for a healthy boost.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: Complex carbohydrates are proven to reduce post-op loss of muscle mass.


  1. Incorporating plant-based protein into your diet in the weeks before procedure can enhance your surgery experience.

It’s simple, really: the stronger you go under anesthesia, the stronger you recover—and our clean protein drink was designed to help you undergo anesthesia in the strongest state possible. CF Protein offers patients therapeutic nutrition that’s proven to help patients bounce back better Some of its key benefits and features include:

  • Improves post-surgical metabolic function
  • Supports the hyper-metabolic state needed for the healing process
  • A high quality protein and fat source—full of vitamins and minerals
  • Easily digestible and gentle on the stomach
  • Easy to consume if experiencing nausea, vomiting, or low appetite after surgery
  • Prevents the loss of muscle mass (high levels of glutamine)
  • Promotes tissue rebuilding


  1. The key to a successful surgery is in your preparation. 

Seeing improved surgical outcomes (reduced risk of infection, shorter length of stay, faster recovery, etc.) comes down to incorporating healthy life choices in the months and weeks before you go under the knife. Start exercising more, quit smoking if you currently do, cut back on alcohol consumption, and take up de-stressing techniques like meditation or yoga. Drink 1-2 bottles of CF Protein each day the week before your surgery to help strengthen your body, and drink ClearFast Preop in the hours before your procedure for an improved—and empowered—surgery experience!




Ready for a better bounce back? Order CF Protein here—or reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all! 

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