Improved Recovery From Surgery with CF(Preop)®

Recovery from surgery with CF(Preop)

Our team of nutritionists get asked one question pretty darn frequently: “What’s the magical ingredient in ClearFast that helps you recover from surgery?” Patients and clinicians so often want to know what the one secret ingredient is in our formulation that makes for reduced length of hospital stay, decreased risk of infection, decreased risk of post-op nausea, and a stronger, smoother surgery recovery. Today, then, we thought we’d dive into this frequently asked question to serve up some clarity. Read on for the answer!

What’s the secret ingredient in CF(Preop) that helps you recover from surgery?
Ah, we wish it was that simple, but—spoiler alert—there’s actually no magical ingredient that does the job on its own. Instead, every single ingredient in our anesthesiologist-developed formula works together to create a smoother surgery and enhanced recovery. 

Why isn’t there one star ingredient in CF(Preop) that helps you recover from surgery?
When a board-certified anesthesiologist was working to develop ClearFast, she did so with one goal in mind: to empower patients to take control of their surgery experience. She saw so many patients coming in for surgery under- or mal-nourished (especially after following the old-school “nothing from midnight” fast)—which led to an array of complications like surgical infections and a slow, complicated recovery.

Both modern medical research pointed to the fact that going into surgery nourished—instead of starved and dehydrated—was the key for a smoother, faster surgery recovery. (The healthier and better nourished you are before surgery, the faster and stronger your recovery after surgery.) So, instead of focusing on finding one “magical” ingredient, she developed a formula that contains exactly what patients need—and in the precise quantities they need it—for powerful clinical nutrition and medical-grade hydration in one proven product.

What ingredients in CF(Preop) help you nourish before your procedure and recover from surgery?

We’re so glad you asked! Our formula leverages a handful of natural, science-backed ingredients proven to enhance your surgery recovery in one tasty presurgery drink. They include:

  • Zinc Sulfate: Supports the immune system to keep you strong and safe as you enter surgery
  • Vitamin A: Has powerful antioxidant properties
  • L-Citrulline: Promotes circulation and wound healing for a faster recovery
  • Filtered Water: Ensures you (and your veins) are hydrated for easier IV “sticks” 
  • Citric Acid: For kidney health and free radical neutralization
  • Maltodextrin: Complex carbs for medical-grade nourishment and reduced muscle-mass loss

Is there anything you leave out of CF(Preop)?

Every product we formulate here at ClearFast—from our presurgery drinks to our plant protein drinks—are designed to help you nourish naturally, so you’ll never find added sugars, artificial ingredients, or unnecessary fillers in anything we make. 


Ready to start working doctor-trusted, patient-preferred premium clinical nutrition into your presurgery nutrition plan? You can order CF(PreOp)® here.  And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ClearFast team at support@drinkcf.com if you have any questions at all. We’re always here and happy to help!

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