Rehydration: CF(Rehydrate)® vs Pedialyte®

Electrolyte Drink

Whether you’re prepping your body for surgery, combating a nasty bout of the flu, recovering from a big race, or a big night out, there are several reasons to grab an electrolyte drink to combat dehydration. With an abundance of sports drinks, juices, and other electrolyte solutions just about everywhere, it can be difficult to comb through this saturation to find a product that tastes good and is actually good for you. That’s why today, we’re taking a closer look at two category standouts: CF(Rehydrate)® and Pedialyte®. Read on to learn more about the role an electrolyte drink can play in your health and how different ingredients can make a big difference in how you feel and bounce back. 

When is an electrolyte drink needed?

If you’ve ever read the CF Nutrition blog or follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably heard us mention that as vital as water is to our health, there are certain times when your body needs more. Regardless of your age, gender, or activity level, we all depend on vitamins and minerals to help fuel our minds and bodies. What many people don’t understand is that electrolytes are simply a category of these vital minerals. A few examples include sodium, potassium, and magnesium. 


Ever been drenched in sweat after pushed through a challenging workout? Well, sweat is more than just water. It’s full of electrolytes that are lost quickly through sweat all over your body.


When you catch a flu bug or bad case of food poisoning, your body quickly loses vast amounts of electrolytes and fluid through diarrhea, vomiting, or fever sweats. 


Certain beverages, such as alcohol, are natural diuretics, meaning they draw water out of your bloodstream and into your gastrointestinal tract, resulting in dehydration.

How to recover from dehydration?

Water is an integral part of the rehydration process. However, timely consumption of a complete nutrition beverage with a range of electrolytes is crucial for a full recovery. Drinks that contain at least half of your daily value of key electrolytes is a good place to start. For example, CF(Rehydrate)® includes a minimum of 50% of the electrolytes phosphorus, selenium, and sodium in a 32 oz bottle to ensure you get the fluid and nutrients you need, quickly. 

The CF(Rehydrate)® Difference:

While both options contain electrolytes, there are significant differences between CF(Rehydrate)® and Pedialyte® that can significantly impact how you feel, perform, and recover.


Sugar: Rather than being saturated with added and artificial sugars, CF(Rehydrate)® has only 1 gram of added sugar and is lightly sweetened with natural stevia rebaudiana.

Colors: CF(Rehydrate)® is clear, colorless, and completely devoid of artificial colors and dyes.

Flavors: CF(Rehydrate)® flavors are natural, producing a taste that is light, refreshing, and enjoyed by children and adults.

Electrolytes: CF(Rehydrate)® contains more electrolytes than Pedialyte®.

  • Magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium added for complete hydration
  • More sodium per bottle for superior replenishment 

Amino-acids: CF(Rehydrate)® contains the amino acid L-citrulline, used to improve blood flow and aid in the process of muscle repair


Sugar: While Pedialyte® includes some electrolytes, the majority of this formulation is a mixture of water, dextrose (a simple sugar that is not ideal for diabetics), and acesulfame potassium, (a highly processed artificial sweetener).

Colors: Many of the color additives in Pedialyte®, like Red-40 and Blue-5, are among the most common allergens and food irritants, especially for children.

Electrolytes: Pedialyte® contains less sodium and fewer electrolytes than CF(Rehydrate)®.Amino-acids: Pedialyte® does not contain amino-acids or other recovery-enhancing ingredients.

Being bombarded with clever marketing and mixed messages about sports drinks and hydration solutions has resulted in confusion around what to drink and why. In fact, it may have led you to think it doesn’t make much of a difference which drink you go with, as long as there are electrolytes. Unfortunately, as is the case with most anything we eat or drink throughout our lives, what we chose to fuel and fortify our bodies with can seriously impact how we feel and perform. The kinds of quality products we put in reflects the quality of work and recovery we put out. The choice for CF(Rehydrate)® is clear- medical-grade hydration that provides everything you need, and nothing that you dont. 

Want to know more about why CF Nutrition is the premier choice for everything from immune-boosting hydration to clean-presurgery nutrition? Learn more about  CF Nutrition and the science behind its ingredients here, or contact us at support@drinkcf.com.

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