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What Should I Do With My Leftover ClearFast? The Top 4 Non-Surgery Uses for Carbohydrate Drinks

Turns out, Thanksgiving leftovers aren’t the only leftovers worth getting creative with. There are lots of reasons you might have a spare bottle of the ClearFast carbohydrate beverage in your fridge—whether you bought extra bottles on purpose like so many of our customers do, or simply didn’t use as much of our presurgery drink as […]

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Starvation Before Surgery: How Fasting-From-Midnight Can Slow Your Recovery

At ClearFast, we’re all about empowering patients with the knowledge they need to have the best surgery experience possible—and, if you’ve been following along on our blog, you probably know that a big part of a successful surgery experience lies in avoiding starvation before surgery. Today, then, we’re diving into what happens to the body […]

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Answering Your Questions about our Pre Surgery Carbohydrate Drink: The Top 5 ClearFast FAQs

At ClearFast, we get to be on the forefront of an exciting shift in the way the medical industry prepares patients for surgery. With physicians and luminary hospitals across the U.S. now replacing old-school fasting-from-midnight with the consumption of a pre surgery carbohydrate drink instead, we hear from patients all of the time who have […]