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3 Delicious Fall Recipes To Keep You Hydrated and Healthy

It is officially that time of year again. The weather is cooling down, and the holidays are fast approaching. The holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends enjoying delicious food and company. But, we cannot forget to stay healthy and hydrated. Today, we share 3 delicious Fall recipes using CF Nutrition products to enjoy as we prepare for the holidays to arrive. These drinks will have you feeling your very best this holiday season.

Delicious and Hydrating Fall Smoothie With CF(Rehydrate)® 


  • 2 handfuls kale 
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice 
  • 1/2 can pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)
  • 1 Granny Smith apple (large, cut into chunks, discard the stem and seeds)
  • 1 banana
  • 2 Tbsp. chia seeds
  • 12 Oz CF(Rehydrate)® (Any flavor)


Blend all ingredients together and Enjoy!

This smoothie is a great way to fill up on some fall favorites like pumpkin and apples. By adding CF(Rehydrate)® you also get an excellent dose of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. This is a great smoothie to have after a workout or a long walk in the crisp fall air.  

Anti-inflammatory Smoothie With CF(Protein)® 


Blend all ingredients together and Enjoy!

When you make this delicious smoothie, you may notice the bright color of CF(Protein)®. CF (Protein)® gets its vibrant yellow color from the naturally vibrant herb, turmeric. Rather than use artificial colors or additives, we use turmeric because of its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote healing and restoration for our customers. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties in CF(Protein)®, this smoothie will help support your immune system and keep you healthy all season long. 

Berry Blast Mocktail With CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+



Mix all ingredients together and Enjoy!

Another excellent way to support our immune system and stay healthy is to switch some of those cocktails out for a mocktail, especially when CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+ is the main ingredient. While enjoying some drinks with family and friends maybe mix in this delicious mocktail using CF(Rehydrate)® to stay hydrated! The best part is, it tastes delicious!
Now you have all the information you need to create the perfect blend of hydration and immunity this Fall! Visit our website to purchase our delicious products!

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5 Healthy Halloween Tips: CF Nutrition Breaks Down How to Keep Halloween Healthy and Fun

Halloween is quickly approaching, and our little ones are starting to count down the days until they get to fill their pillowcases with endless amounts of sweet treats. As parents, this may be a rather daunting thought. But don’t worry, CF Nutrition has healthy halloween tips and tricks on how you and your family can stay mindful and well nourished this Halloween. Like any other day, creating balance on holidays is just as crucial to creating a healthy relationship with food and staying on track with our goals while still enjoying ourselves. 

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 1:  Have a healthy meal before trick-or-treating.

Having a healthy, hearty, well-balanced meal before trick-or-treating is a great way to curb candy cravings and set a solid example. By filling up first, the temptation to overindulge on candy is reduced because your little ones will feel satisfied from their meal. Eating a balanced meal also provides fuel for your kids as they walk from house to house. But most importantly, it helps your children learn the importance of eating healthy even on holidays. By instilling the idea of year-round healthy eating in your children from a young age, you can help them avoid the fast-or-famine mindset so many of us adults know all too well. Just because it’s a holiday and candy is involved doesn’t mean you should go completely off the rails and neglect to nourish your body mindfully.

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 2: Check your kids’ candy before they consume it.

Before letting your little ones dig into their treasured supply of candy, make sure to go through and check expiration dates as well as look for any opened pieces. Sometimes, an opened piece will sneak into the batch, and it is crucial to throw any away that have any openings. Also, any candy that has passed the expiration date should be thrown away. Lastly, check for allergens and suspicious ingredients, especially if your child is allergic to anything. 

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 3: Get moving as a family.

We often treat candy and sweets as the “fun part” or “reward” of certain holidays. But by beginning your own traditions that make  physical movements fun, you can expand your little ones’ ideas of what holidays are all about. Whether it’s throwing a dance party in your living room before you head out trick-or-treating, setting up a Halloween-themed relay race in your driveway, or setting a goal of how many houses you’ll walk to as a family—figure out a fun way to put on your costumes and get moving together. No matter what you choose, it’s important to have an activity that your kids can look forward to as much as they look forward to candy!

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 4: Practice portion control.

Halloween is a perfect day to help your child understand portion control. If given the opportunity, children typically will eat enough candy to make themselves sick. And yes, they will ask for more candy than you allow them. Here is a great way to educate your children on enjoying some of something without overdoing it. Allow them to choose two of their favorite candy on Halloween and save the rest for later. If they want more candy, maybe offer them an orange fruit or vegetable instead like a carrot or a cutie. This will allow them to learn that if they don’t feel hungry for a fruit or vegetable, they may not be hungry for more candy either.

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 5: Limit leftover candy.

If your child has an abundance of candy, you don’t need to keep all of it. Instead, let your child pick their favorites and donate the rest. Saving about 15 pieces of candy is plenty. This is crucial to ensure your child is not consuming endless amounts of candy for the days and weeks to come. Limiting to about 15 pieces will allow them to have 2-3 pieces the night of Halloween and have some leftovers to distribute throughout the next 2-3 weeks. This will ensure a habit of eating candy every day does not develop at a young age. 

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 6: Remember balance—it’s only one day a year.

Remember, Halloween is an exciting time for your children. While instilling portion control and balance, also remember to keep the joy of the holiday alive. Try to refrain from telling your children that candy is “bad for you.” Instead, teach them that candy is a fun treat to enjoy some of the time—but that to keep our bodies healthy and strong, we also have to nourish ourselves with balanced meals and fresh produce. It’s not about neglecting to enjoy the holiday altogether—it’s about being mindful, embracing moderation, and avoiding the kind of habits that lead to a lifetime of rollercoaster dieting and unhealthy relationships with food.

Healthy Halloween Tip No. 7: Keep it festive! 

One way to make this Halloween healthy and fun is to make some festive holiday treats. Try making pumpkin seeds with your pumpkin fillings. Offer your children orange fruits and veggies like cuties, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Maybe make some black and orange treats or place natural orange food coloring in your child’s yogurt. You can also check out ourCF(Protein)® Spooky Smoothie Recipe below. It’s a healthy smoothie that’s so tasty your children just might forget all about Snickers Bars and sour gummies. 

CF(Protein)®Spooky Smoothie Recipe:

Need a sweet treat around Halloween? CF Nutrition has you covered

Try sprucing up your CF(Protein)® with this festive smoothie recipe. This delicious and healthy plant based drink makes 2-3 servings. It’s a great way to get in a few servings of fruits and vegetables—and to “trick” your family into enjoying a healthy “treat”. 


  • -1 cup frozen mango
  • – 3 medium carrots
  • -1 cup almond milk 
  • -1 CF(Protein)® bottle

*Blend together and enjoy

*Option to add spinach


Ready for more goodness? Browse the rest of the CF Nutrition blog for empowering health, wellness, and lifestyle tips. And don’t forget to fuel yourself and your family this fall season with the clean, clinical replenishment of CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity +.


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