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A Look at the Different Types of Yoga: Finding the Right Practice for Your Needs

In today’s crazy world, we’re all looking for a little more zen in our lives. A natural place to turn? The yoga mat, of course! But, if you’re new to the world of ohhms and up-dogs, you might find yourself wondering a bit about the different types of yoga and which is right for you. […]

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Get Through Your Colonoscopy Prep Like a Champ with a Game-Changing Electrolyte Drink

Let’s be honest—colonoscopy prep is no fun. In fact, a staggering number of colonoscopies (75% to be exact) are rescheduled every year because patients simply can’t get through the grueling prep process. A poor-tasting colonoscopy prep drink and extreme dehydration mean even the most well-intentioned patients often stop three-quarters of the way through and can’t […]

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What’s the Secret Ingredient in CF(Preop)® that Helps you Recover from Surgery?

Our team of nutritionists get asked one question pretty darn frequently: “What’s the magical ingredient in ClearFast that helps you recover from surgery?” Patients and clinicians so often want to know what the one secret ingredient is in our formulation that makes for reduced length of hospital stay, decreased risk of infection, decreased risk of […]

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Why ERAS Matters Now More Than Ever: Enhanced Recovery During COVID-19

As COVID-19 is now a part of our daily lives, it’s so important patients do everything they can to ensure their body is strong and healthy as they enter a hospital setting for surgery. Today, then, we’re diving deep into ERAS® (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and why it’s more important now than ever. Read on […]

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Boosting Your Immune System: 5 Pro Tips for Staying Healthy & Safe In Trying Times

With so many things being out of our control as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are naturally searching for things we can control. One of the items that comes in at the top of that list? Your immune system! From reducing stress and avoiding unhealthy habits to eating the right foods and […]

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Clinical Nutrition: What It Is & Why It Matters

We talk a lot about clinical nutrition here at ClearFast. So, today, we thought we’d break down everything you need to know about this all-important medical term—including what it is and the difference it can make in your health journey. Read on for all you need to know! What is clinical nutrition? Simply put, clinical […]

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What is Postoperative Insulin Resistance and How it Affects Your Surgery Safety

If you’re getting ready to go under the knife, you might find yourself privy to a number of medical terms that you haven’t before heard. (Enhanced recovery after surgery and preop carb loading and postoperative insulin resistance—oh my!) Today, then, we’re answering the question What is Postoperative Insulin Resistance (PIR)?, and, more importantly, breaking down […]

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What is Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)…and Why Should I Pay Attention To It?

If you’re getting ready to go under the knife, you may have heard the term Enhanced Recovery After Surgery—but you’re likely wondering What is enhanced recovery after surgery and why in the world should I pay attention to it? Not to worry, friends—today, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about this effective medical […]


Pro Tips to Make Colonoscopy Prep Easier

From the foul-tasting prep liquid to the dreaded emptying of the bowels (are you cringing yet?),  it’s no wonder that patients are constantly looking for ways to make colonoscopy prep easier. With 15 million colonoscopies performed annually in the United States, we happen to believe that this super common procedure doesn’t have to be so […]

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The Upside of Going Under in December: 5 Major Benefits of Scheduling Surgery During the Holidays

If your holiday season holds a surgery, we wouldn’t blame for you for being a little down about it. But—while you might need to cut back on the eggnog and probably won’t be able to join in on that sled race—it actually turns out there are some benefits of scheduling your surgery during the holidays. […]